Thursday, August 17, 2006


Moslem-Loving Commie Traitors Defeat Western Civilization's Efforts To Defend Itself

In a further bid by the self-loathing socialist libs to help the monkeymen moslems take over the world (which will result in the libs' destruction, too-go figure) the ACLU (atheist communist liar union) won the FIRST round of a lawsuit to help terrorists protect their privacy.

This ruling would make it even more difficult (in the US) to detect plots like the one last week to blow up several airliners over the Atlantic. The British were the ones who did the bulk of the work in that case. The Brits actually have a domestic spy agency called MI-5 that halted the plot. A domestic spy agency. We can't even wiretap known criminals.

One of the fruity bastards out to help the towelheads beat women and enslave blacks said this was "another nail in the coffin in the Bush administration's legal strategy in the war on terror."

You are absolutely correct. But it's to all our detriments.

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