Saturday, July 15, 2006


Neal is Right

Neal Boortz had this to say about the current lashings-out against civilization by radical subhuman towelheads bouyed by western communists:

It's war, folks. It's the culture of the West, the culture of freedom and religious tolerance, vs. the hate-filled and violent culture of radical Islam. We aren't going to negotiate ourselves out of this one. We aren't going to be able to use our vast wealth to buy peace. Negotiations will show weakness. Money will bring contempt.

Radical Islam must be destroyed. Squashed. The repugnant virus of radical Islam and all of the Islamic terrorists who seek to spread it must be eliminate from the face of the earth. Time to start.

I could only sum it up more succinctly by saying: It's us (civilization) or them (barbarians).

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