Saturday, June 10, 2006


Zarqawi & Bin Laden's ties to Saddam

Terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was destroyed by US forces in Iraq earlier this week. There is some debate about what impact his death will have on the terror armies operating in Iraq.

But one thing is certain: Zarqawi was in Iraq BEFORE US forces were.

Zarqawi accepted al-Qaeda money to set up his own training camp in Afghanistan, they said, but he ran it independently. While bin Laden was preparing the Sept. 11 hijacking plot, Zarqawi was focused elsewhere, scheming to topple the Jordanian monarchy and attack Israel.

After Sept. 11, with al-Qaeda's leadership on the run from U.S. forces, Zarqawi and his fighters moved into Iran and later into Kurdish-controlled areas of northern Iraq.
Now, I'm confused. How did Zarqawi (a long-time Bin Laden deputy) get into Iraq if he wasn't dealing with Saddam?

Are we to accept the drive-by media's contention that the Kurds let him in and that he only stayed up north? Also note that the Iranians didn't seem to have a problem with a known al-Qaeda fighter crossing their territory

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