Saturday, February 18, 2006


Iran Warns UK about Troops in Iraq

Iran threatened UK troops in Basra, Iraq saying;
"We believe that the presence of the British military forces in Basra has led to the destabilization of the security situation in the city," Manouchehr Mottaki told reporters, denouncing what he described as human rights violations by British troops in southern Iraq. "The Islamic Republic of Iran demands the immediate withdrawal of British forces from Basra," said the Iranian foreign minister, speaking through an interpreter during a visit to Lebanon.
Oh, gee. I guess the Iranian fighters there help the security situation?


More Murders by the "Religion of Peace"

At least nine people were killed by rioting in Lybia over those cartoons of Mohammed.

Some people are chalking this one up to the "clash of civilizations". Uhh.. in order to have a "clash of civilizations," there'd have to be at least two civilizations involved. But there's only one civilization involved here.


People's Republic of North Carolina

I could write a book about the socialist idiocy of the NC legislature. But to see a narrow example of an out-of-control state government visit

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Watch The "Prophet" (of Satan) Dance!

Dance, Prophet, dance!! Better watch this while you can before the towelheads kill us all because no one is brave enough to call them out as the subhuman apemen that they are.

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