Thursday, August 10, 2006


Oil Prices Fall Despite Fascist Bush's Best Tries

The evil dubya Bush Regime couldn't keep oil prices high for long. They fell $2 a barrel today.
Crude oil prices fell more than $2 a barrel Thursday as thwarted airplane attacks led many carriers to cancel flights, which could mean dampened jet fuel demand and weaker consumer confidence.
Notice how the pinko press tries to say that it was the threat of a terror plot that drove down the prices. That was a nice shot at the economy as well.

Yet they then say that the Israeli/hezbo-animal conflict is driving oil prices up.

Ordinarily liberals accuse Bush of:
  1. Scaring people over terrorism (that's freedom fighters to you commie-libs).
  2. Driving oil prices up.
I'm ordinarily not one for conspiracy theories or blaming corporations for my problems, but this paragraph actually was disturbing:
Goldman Sachs, meanwhile, said it would end its participation in the New York Harbor unleaded gasoline contract, as expected, but wouldn't roll its money into another contact.
Like I told you before.

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