Friday, December 16, 2005


Global Warming Racket Ratchets Up

With the pompously wrong assessment that "greenhouse gases" are the highest they've been in 650,000 years, the global warming scare profiteers are out in force. Ed Brook, Oregon State University said:
“The levels of primary greenhouse gases such as methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide are up dramatically since the Industrial Revolution, at a speed and magnitude that the Earth has not seen in hundreds of thousands of years,” Brook said. “There is now no question this is due to human influence.”
But then the story (and I do mean story) continues:
But there are also concerns that the Earth’s climate may have changed very abruptly at times in the past, in complex interactions between the atmosphere, ocean currents and ice sheets.
No doubt those past changes were also caused by ancient versions of the Chevy Suburban.

Research like that leads to "ideas" like government limits on cow farts. I'm not kidding. Governments are also trying to limit the amount of manure cows produce. Stop laughing! This is serious. And what about all those wild shitting animals? Just let the liberals tell a lion not to take a poop on the Serengetti because it violates envronmental legislation and destroys its own ecosystem. At least Ali G and Ralph Nader are thinking ahead:
In response to Ali G�s suggestion that people�s "natural gases" could be harnessed as a source of energy, Nader says, "Well, you already have tens of millions of cattle, but they haven't figured out how to put a box on their asshole."
If these supposed greenhouse gases are the highest they've been in 650,000 years, why isn't it hotter now than it was almost 1,000 years ago when grapes were grown in Britain?
The cultivation of grapes was extensive throughout the southern portion of England from about 1100-1300. This area is about 300 miles farther north than the areas in France and Germany that grow grapes today. Grapes were also grown in northern France and Germany at that time, areas which even today do not sustain commercial vineyards.
Well, check out this fantastical "news" story about how the Earth will soon "experience temperatures higher than it has known in half a million years." Dun-Dun-Dunnnnnnn.....

The ABC story says:
In fact, today three environmental groups are suing the U.S. government to get the polar bear listed as an endangered species. And scientists are saying that the polar bear is seriously threatened as the Arctic keeps melting.
So move the bears to Antarctica because the Antarctic is experiencing temperature drops and snowfall increases. Which the "scientists" think is "caused by rising temperatures". !

And if the Kyoto Handcuffs are so important, why are two countries which are rapidly developing and industrializing and account for almost half the planet's population left out by exemption?

ABC continues:
As for humans, new studies in the journal of “Nature” [READ THE LIES "NATURE" HAS PROPOGATED BEFORE] confirm World Health Organization’s estimates that conservatively 150,000 more people die each year and 5 million more get sick because man-made global warming is helping insect and waterborne diseases to spread, especially among poorer nations.
And liberals say that George Bush tries to scare people about terrorism!

George Will has a great piece on how environmentalism is really a new shade of socialism. I covered more of this hippie bullshit on Monday.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Communism Murdered 100 Million+ People

During the 2oth Century, communist regimes led by people like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Allende, and Kim Il-Sung, and apologised for by the likes of Edward R. Murrow, killed over 100 million people.

Socialist worker paradises like China, Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba continue to murder their own citizens at a rapid clip.

The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation wants to build a monument to these victims who were slaughtered for a liberal-economic "experiment"?

"People are quite aware of what the Nazis did, but they are not aware of what the communists did,” said Richard Pipes, a noted Sovietologist and Harvard professor who helped document the death toll due to communism.

"There is this general sort of presumption, particularly among intellectuals, that, ‘Oh, communism was a good idea that didn’t quite work out so well.’

Yet, this is how The Washington Compost framed a story on the subject a year ago:

Anti-Communism Memorial Debated
Statue Stirs Neighborhood Concerns


Tuesday, December 13, 2005



I was elated to hear that a member of "The Daily Worker Show" with Jon Jewart had committed suicide. I was dissapointed to hear it was just a crew member though, not the smarmy, 5'7" (shorter than a woman!) traitor to the jewish race that hosts the worthless piece of crap.

Maybe next time.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Hey Arnie! Kill Tookie!

There have been threats by race-pimping gangs to riot if Tookie Williams doesn't recieve clemency.

Bring it the fuck on! I've always wished that the scumbag gangs would take on a well-armed American citizenry. The "gangstas" will lose every time.

Let's be honest about who's supporting Dookie Williams here: gangs, race pimps, and bleeding heart celebrities.

Who wants Dookie to die? Well, everyone who isn't a gangster, race pimp, or bleeding heart. But I'll just point out the sentiments of the families of Dookie's victims.


Global Warming Racket Report

The fairy bastards who believe in global warming wrapped up their sad little conference in Montreal yesterday.

Boohoo, they couldn't stick the US with the multi-trillion-dollar bill that the Kyoto handcuffs would cost us, and is costing them.

I wonder if they took note at all of this study stating that (GASP!) the SUN could be responsible for any warming trends?

Or if they noted that the global warming theory is based on lies and faulty science?

Or if they brought up their idiotic concept of blocking out the sun with a "space-ring" funded by tax dollars?

Did they suggest "coercive" enforcement of greenhouse gas emission targets against countries that don't sign the Kyoto Treaty?

Oh, did they mention their success in convincing some power companies (and possibly fuel companies) to raise your rates so they can make a little extra bank off of your ingorance of the global warming racket?

You can also go to Penn & Teller's BULLSHIT! site to read about the crap and lies that global warming and environmentalism are based on.


Again Against Drudge?

I have aboslutely no idea what liberals are mad at Matt Drudge for. All the guy does is link, on his otherwise blank page, to other news stories from around the internet.

That's it.

If CNN has a story on their website that Drudge links to, the hippie commies don't hate on CNN they hate on Drudge. !?!?!?

So why did the Jew York Lies (really, they're rabidly anti-Semitic even though jews run the place), I mean the New York Times say that Drudge was a "sensationalist say-anything outlet"?

Sunday, December 11, 2005



The Steven Spielberg movie "Munich" about the 1972 murders of Israeli athletes by PLO terrorists is getting heavy flak. Conservatives are upset the Spielberg has promised to be "balanced" in his depiction of the slaughter of his kinsmen by Palestinians.

Already the leftist rag The New Republic has been unkind to "Munich". That's unsurprising since TNR is rabidly anti-Israeli and racist against any Jew who stand up for their race, rather than being a race-traitor jew like Stanley Kauffmann and Lee Siegel, who work for their masters at TNR.

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