Friday, November 04, 2005


Pervert Past Prez on Patrol

Bill Clinton has that look on his face in this pic like "Eleven? Just three more years and she'll be all mine!"

Also, notice his hands are covering his boner-zone.


Leftists, Oil-For-Food, Islamic terror, and the USA

There are alot of these left-wing groups that consider themselves so patting-themselves-on-the-back smugly proud of themselves for their liberal policy of "divesting" in the "military-industrial complex" and Israel.

Will they make sure that they don't own stock in any of the 2,200 companies caught bribing or being bribed by Saddam Hussein through the OFF program? Will they publicly censure the Useless Nations for allowing such corruption to allow a murdering dictator to continue in power and continue his WMD program and sponsorship of terrorism?

Ask them yourselves:

Anti-American idiots at the American Friends Service Committee.

Leftist ghouls at the National Council of Churches

Anti-Semites at the United Church of Christ (In case they didn't know, Christ was a jew).

Lefty freaks at "Pax" World.

While you're there asking if they'll "divest" from OFF companies, ask these so-called pacifists how much work they've done bringing attetnion to the grisly moslem crimes such as:
  1. The assassination of RFK, Sr. by the PLO.
  2. Beheadings of schoolgirls in Indonesia.
  3. Beheadings in Thailand.
  4. Two rounds of Bali bombings.
  5. Crucifixions and genocide in Sudan.
  6. Iranian nuclear and missile acquisition efforts.
  7. Terror-bombings in India, a country that had nothing to do with Iraq.
What's that? They only criticize the USA? Or do they stick to the whacko-liberal mantra the WE are the ones who caused all those terrorist acts?

Thursday, November 03, 2005


A Tale of Two Protests

Iranian expatriates gathered in Berkley to urge action be taken to prevent the genocidal maniacs who currently run Iran from equipping themselves with the nuclear bomb and missiles that can deliver it to Europe. The protest was very small and peaceful in its opposition to a regime that would destroy the world given a chance.


At an anarchist's ball in Sodom Francisco violent counter-American scum continue to wage war against this country. There were thousands of hate-filled assholes and some of them attacked policemen. The rest certainly applauded. Is it any wonder that shit like this occurs in blue states? This would never go down in Texas or Kentucky.

I thought groups of usless idiots like these were why the gatling gun and flamethrower were invented.

Michelle Malkin is unafraid to name names and show pictures of leftist lunatics.


More Race Riots in France--Beginning of the End for Euro-Dhimmis?

France is suffering its worst race riots in...well in six months.

Currently moslems are rioting to keep their grip on terrorising immigrant slums in much the same way the Mafia did so in the US about 100 years ago.

The French, to their (gag) credit, have been steadfast and resolute to not let the rioters run entire french cities the way moslem gangs do in Sweden and Germany.

These riots come just a few months after similar violence around Paris in the spring. Those riots went even more unreported by the lamestream media than the current test of Euro-liberalism.


More Black Racism Against Conservatives

In an on-going bigotry of black "leaders" against conservatives of any color, top Democrats, both white and black, have endorsed a policy of Jim Crow type political attacks on any black American who does not enslave themselves to the Democrat party, 1859-style.

What do we expect from a party led by a racist liberal like Howard Dean who thinks that non-whites are only fit to work in kitchens? Or thinks that the Democrat party needs to appeal to people who fly the Confederate flag--which, by the way, was the flag of the Democrat party from 1861 until its defeat in 1865?

How in the flying fuck can so many minorities continue to support a party that treats them like pets and keeps them on a pet's leash? It's dispicable.

On the Democrats who think they are entitled to sling Klan-like epithets at blacks who disagree with them, former NAACP chairman Kwase Mfume had this to say:
"Racially tinged attacks have no place in this campaign for U.S. Senate," said Mr. Mfume, who has chided his party's lack of support for his campaign. "If they did, I could very well be the object of public racial humiliation, based on my skin color, by people who don't like my politics."

"Black bigotry can be just as cruel and evil as white bigotry. There are too many bigots in too many places,"
Most of all, the Democrat party.


UN Action Against Syria-Hardly

In a further slide into irrelevance, the Useless Nations has refused to sanction Syria for killing former Lebanese Premier Rafik Hariri, taking in Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons, or aiding the terrorist guerilla war in Iraq.
To win unanimous support, France, Britain, and the US, who jointly sponsored the resolution, had to drop all references to sanctions other than a warning that the council "could consider further action"
Security Council member Russia (who sells $ billions in weapons to Syria and helped move Saddam's WMD to Syria - yeah, they've got no agenda here), it is said;
...wants to prevent the Security Council from becoming a weapon to punish regimes that could lead to unforeseen action such as military action.
Well, then what's the point of the Security Council? With no threats of any kind against bad guys, the bad guys have free reign.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


"Cover-Up Chuck" Schumer's Hate Crime

In the people's Republic of NC, a former Democrat Congressman went to jail and I didn't see a single story on the news.

He raised money through a "charity" but spent the money on himself and donated almost $30,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, who refuse to give up the money which was obviously ill-gotten.

This relates to the story I posted on the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee raising funds for itself in the name of Hurricane Katrina.

Then two staffers of the DSCC resigned after they stole Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele's credit report.

Add to this the racist depiction of Mr. Steele by lefto-fascists and it's easy to see that the Demcorat party of 2005 isn't all that far removed from the Democrat party of 1865 and the KKK that it spawned.

Mr. Schumer's, and the Democrap party's, racist intentions against Lt. Gov. Steele ( and Ken Blackwell of Ohio) are clearly despicable. But the actual Watergate-style stealing of Steele's credit report is a felony. And since he's black and Schumer and the Democrats are white, it's a hate crime. Plain and simple. No Republican could get away with this in the media's eyes.

This is clearly a patern of illegal behavior on the part of the DSCC, the DCCC, and Democrat politicians in general that the media refuses to report.

I won't even get into Schumer's cover up of the 1993 murders of the Branch Davidians.

Monday, October 31, 2005


Cowards at UN Let Syria Slide--AGAIN!

UN "Security" Council members, including the US,..."dropped the threat of sanctions against
Syria on Monday in a last-minute effort to get all 15 nations to back a resolution...

So what was the God Damned point of the resolution? But wait, there's more. Or less, depending on your point of view.
During negotiations that began Sunday night and continued early Monday morning, the five veto-wielding council members — the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France — also agreed to drop an appeal to Syria to renounce all support for terrorism.
What the !^#%@# !?!?!??!??!?!?!?!?

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