Friday, August 26, 2005


Take Them Out Now!

The terrorists Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro will both be in N ew York in a few weeks. This would be an excellent opportunity to kill them both in one fell swoop as I have suggested before. Even seasoned military and secret operatives agree with me.

So, let's KILL THEM.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Faggot-Loving Hippie Communists

God damn Bolshevik traitors to our country are supporting Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein by cowardly trashing wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Hospital. They've called the soldiers liars and charged them with fighting for Haliburton.

We should fucking kill every one of those Islamo-Communist assholes. And leave their bodies rotting in the sun so the whole country can come and see what happens to hippie traitors.

One day, these agit-proppers will be seen as the anti-freedom scum that they are, and I will be seen as the man who knew it all. Thanks in part to Able Danger revelations, several things will come to be known as facts in the years ahead:
  1. Saddam's WMD went to Syria.
  2. Iraq helped plan 9/11.
  3. Clinton could have stopped Bin Laden in the 1990's.
  4. Islam is a Satanic lie.


Global Warming=Crock Of Shit, Pt. II

A federal "judge" has issued a ruling that will allow tree-humpers to sue several organizations claiming that the defendants contribute "8 percent of the world's greenhouse gases" by supporting various development projects.

Eight fucking percent!!! What a fucking lie! But it's better than this hippie dipshit who says that every single god-damned molecule of carbon dioxide in the air was put there by humans. Liar.

Perhaps eminent "scholars" like the one mentioned above can explain why real scientists continue to dispute the alarmism and sky-is-falling mentality of many other false scientific prophets?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Right On, Pat!

Keep tellin' it like it is Pat Robertson. Robertson's suggestion that America assassinate Hugo Chavez is getting attacke by a lot of American pussies who don't like criticism of America's enemies, of which Chavez is most assuredly one.

At least this New York Times story acknowledges that Chavez is a leftist. Well, he's a Bolshevik, but we'll take what we can get.

Brian Maloney (substituting for Michelle Malkin) has more on the liberals full-bore pantywadding over this truth. If you don't think Chavez should be murdered, then good luck getting him to peacefully answer for these crimes his regime has committed.

$50 bucks to any woman who rapes Mike Webb (since he's a fanny-lancer and wouldn't like it) and then murders him.


Cindy Kisses George

Pardon My English has copies of pictures from Cindy Sheeehan's first (and if Bush has balls & brains, only) meeting with Cindy Sheehan.

Notice how they're kissing. Hmmmm... It's almost as if a shrill leftist (Sheehan) lied (while standing on her son's grave) to curry favor. But we all know she'd never do that.


If He Lost 300Lbs., He'd Still Be Fat

Michael Moron has entered a fat farm weight-loss camp. If they charge by the ton, he'll burn through those dollars from his lies in Freiheit 9/11 faster than he'll burn through calories.
On the training menu: learning to cook healthy meals and "life re-education."
I hope that last part involves a reading him a littany of Democrat crimes.


Republican Peace Party

Expect scumbag traitor Chuck Hagel's idiotic rantings about Vietnam to lead to a split in the Republican party of some size. I believe Hagel will lead some sort of "peace party" caucus in an attempt to split the Republicans before 2008. If enough Republicans begin to believe shit like this, then it could very easily lead to abandoning Iraq (and Afghanistan) by 2007.

You know, I wonder if any politicians actually believe in leading anymore rather than currying public favor to get elected. I certainly believe that any Republican who goes to Washington ends up getting infected by the sheer Democratism of the place.


Fighting The Good Fight

Powerline has two good stories about the US military. With all the liberal carping about casualties in Iraq, I have wondered how many soldiers die on average every year purely from accidents. That's what one story is about. It fails to fully explain why the liberals don't even pretend to care about soldiers until they're killed in a war to defend the US. Or why liberals simultaneously pretend to give a damn about US military personnel (only after they are dead of course) and yet continue to apologize for the apemen who killed them.

The other story relates how the US military is running above average on recruitment goals. I wonder if Cindy Sheehan is repulsing people enough that they are joining the military to get away from her.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


More 9-11/Iraq Cover-Up Questions

The Able Danger story is cracking wide the hell open. Another military officer has come forward to say they identified Mohammed Atta before 9/11. This is The New York Times, people! When the MSM is failing to tow the pro-Clinton line, their side is in deep shit.

And Congressional hearings may not be far behind. Now we can ask question that will help us get to the bottom of what really happened during the years 1993-2003.

Such as:

  1. Why did the Clinton Administration feel the need to burn 8- Christians to death right after moslems bombed the World Trade Center?
  2. Did Jamie Gorelick's infamous wall prevent the halting of the Oklahoma City bombing?
  3. How deep did Terry Nichol's, Tim McVeigh's and American neo-Nazi ties with moslem terrorists go?
  4. Why did Bill Clinton fail to murder Osama Bin Laden in 1996 when he left Sudan?
  5. Was what happened to TWA 800 terrorist linked?
  6. Did Oil-For-Food destroy a strategy that was starving Saddam Hussein's Army to death?
  7. How much money did Oil-For-Food funnel to Saddam Hussein and on to terror organizations?
  8. Was Iraq training terrorist on its own soil throughout the 1990's?
  9. Did Mohammed Atta meet with Iraqi agents in Prague before 9/11?
  10. If Iraq and al-Qaeda had nothing to do with each other, why did Zarqawi go to Baghdad in late 2002?
  11. How did Russia get Saddam's WMD to Syria without the MSM picking up on it?
  12. Why was a partisan hack like Jamie Gorelick on the 9/11 Commission to begin with?
  13. Is China funding terrorism?
  14. How complicit is the MSM in stopping these stories, and why?


Pat Robertson: Assassinate Chavez

Televangelist Pat Robertson spoke the truth about Hugo Chavez, dictator of Venezuela: He should be assassinated.

I not only agree, but I 've been urging it for some time. Chavez's links to narco-terrorists in Colombia and to Red China are too dangerous to the US, and Chavez is in talks with Iran about "nuclear elements" and with China for missiles. I don't give a damn if Jimmy Carter does lie on Chavez's behalf. Hell, Carter's support is another incentive to kill Chavez.

Not to mention A pinko like Chavez is just another totem for American leftist douchebags to worship.

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