Friday, August 19, 2005


Expose' of Morgan Spermlick's Lies

From Fox News, but also available at author's website, Morgan Spermlick Watch.


Man-Made Global Warming=Crock Of Shit

Man-made global warming is a lie made up by leftist politicians and "scientists" to add to their already stupendous control over American Society. Like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Hillary Clinton. These idiots were posing in Alaska for photo-ops to push their idiotic (and fairy-queen named) Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act which would strangle U.S. utilities (which are already strained) and cost the economy trillions of dollars for nothing.

Even this summers' record heat waves can't be scientifically blamed on any warming of the Earth's atmosphere.

Despite the fact that we've caught science-mongering liars making up fibs to "prove" global warming is caused by man, these lies still abound quite readily. And are just as easily disproven.
“Greenhouse theory says (and the models calculate) that the atmospheric trend should be 30 percent greater than the surface trend -- and it isn’t,” says Singer. “Furthermore, the models predict that polar [temperature] trends should greatly exceed the tropical values -- and they clearly don’t ... In fact, the Antarctic has been cooling,” adds Singer.
So why do so many people believe lies that will end up costing them money and possibly jobs?

And why would two researchers bet $10,000 of their money on global warming being caused by the sun (God Damn!, You mean the sun can actually WARM the planet?) instead of so-called "greenhouse gases"?

And where the fucking hell do "scientists" get off making statements like this?

"In the absence of better knowledge, we have to assume that humans are making abrupt climate change more likely - not because humans are worse than nature, it's just because we're changing the system," says Richard Alley, a Penn State University paleoclimatologist.
I wouldn't want him to be the judge if I was on trial for anything. So why would we trust what someone so automatically biased says anyway?

Look, Earth has been warming for the past 10,000 years since it came out of the last Ice Age. There were no cars then. There were no factories to blame for the collapse of Lake Agassiz. But now there are those things to blame. And plenty of demagogues to blame them.

Former Senator Hillary Clinton had this to say:
"You just keep saying something no matter how untrue and unfactual it might be, over and over and over again, and try to drive the politics to meet your ideological or commercial agenda," she said. "That is a grave disservice to our country."
How right you are. Only it's you who is the propagandist.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Towelheaded Hypocrisy

I was just over at Modern Crusader looking at some of their links, including ones to Tom Tancredo's comments about (correctly) nuking Mecca in retaliation for further terror attacks here in the U.S.

Well, there was a link to an al-Bolshevik-Guardian story from July 25, 2005 in which moslem activists didn't like that talk and had this to say:
``What would happen if a prominent Muslim made that statement about Catholic holy places like the Vatican?'' asked Ali.
Well, NEWSFLASH, Jew-hating woman beater!! Your scumbag kind DID indeed say exactly that:
"We have taken our decision, depending on God, to fight the infidels, the hypocrites and the villains," the statement said. "Even if you (al-Zarqawi) take us to the White House and the bastion of the Vatican, we will stick close to you until you achieve your aim."
And in typically towelhead vermin style you tried to convince the West (and no doubt succeeded with some of our gullible leftist traitors) that you didn't.


Cindy Sheehan IS Soon To Be Murdered

I wish this horse-faced cunt and her media apologists would just drop dead, but it looks like they may be the ones who spark the third civil war ( I ragard the American Revolution as more of a civil war with England) at which point we'll have to kill them all.

I know it's hard for dipshit liberal-fascists to accept election results considering how much they hate democracy, but the truth is they may end up getting their wish of destroying civil order by enraging Americans enough to physically destroy those asshole pro-moslem communist infiltrators.

I only hope once their blood coagulates that we can return America to the place of freedom it was heading to before hijacked by the pinkos almost 40 years ago.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Cindy Sheehan's Great Unraveling

Cindy Sheehan's husband has filed to divorce the nutty bitch. I don't blame him. Her vendetta against George Bush (wonderfully covered here by Christopher Hutchens) has not brought back her son (who wouldn't want to be shamed be being back around someone like her anyway), it has not brought about the political changes she desires (surrender to Islam, destruction of Israel, etc.), and now her actions have destroyed the rest of her family as well.

Good going you dumb cunt. Also, Michael Moron and the rest of those leftist clowns should be ashamed of themselves for aiding and abetting not only America's enemies but the destruction of a family that was already in crisis.


Street Fights To Come

Communist rabble are active in Pittsburgh trying to destroy military recruitment centers. Here is their peaceful notion of the democratic process, from Little Green Footballs:
Generic mass protests have failed. The electoral route has proved unsurprisingly unsuccessful. Educational campaigns, while making progress in shifting general opinions on the war, have nevertheless failed because they lack a complimentary and compelling action strategy. We believe a Counter-Recruitment movement that utilizes a diversity of tactics is the way to go.
It's no wonder that the liberal-fascists want democracy to fail in Iraq, since they don't believe in it here if they can't have their way all the time. In the future, this type of agitation will not be met with words, but with shot and shell and the streets of America will be cleansed by the blood of these vermin.


Abu Abbas, Michael Moron At Odds

A series of car bombings killed 40+ people in Baghdad this morning. A caller to an Iraqi televison show had this to say:
"These men that kill 100, 50 and 70 men a day -- have they been put to death," said a caller named Abu Abbas. "How many have been put to death? How many?
Hey didn't he get the word from Michelle Moore? Those bombers are really freedom fighters mannnnn! So what if Moron lives 10,000 miles away in the lap of luxury that his lies have gotten him. He still knows more than you about your own country, Mr. Abbas. The nerve of some people...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Louis Farakhan, & David Duke Walk Into A Bar...

Stop me if you've heard this one before. Oh, sorry, its no joke. These people are really lined up with each other against America.

Cheehan's liberal anti-Semitic screeds (accepted with glee by anti-semitice Semites like Jon Stewart) have earned her the praise of famed neo-Nazi David Duke. To have the Nazis and The New York Times on your side...well...actually, that's not that surprising. As for Calypso Louie Farakhan and that corpulent, cacophonous, cocksucking communist Moore, well you already know what they're up to.

Oh, and don't miss this story about liberal censorship of a conservative protestor in Crawford, TX.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Clinton Gets It Right On Iraq

In a speech about Iraq no doubt shaped partially by screeching liars like Cindy Sheehan and those who help lie for her like that cunt Arianna Huffington, former President (albeit one who helped Saddam escape the noose of sanctions) Bill Clinton urged Americans to "make this strategy succeed and support that strategy. It's the only option having to make the sacrifices mean something."


Progressive Communists On The March Against Fair Tax

The Fair Tax proposal is under attack by liberal-fascist communist-progressives. Come on out to see Neal Boortz and get him to sign your copy of the Fair Tax book.

Despite progressive whining, the book is selling extremely strongly. Even if you don't have a copy of the book, you can get involved in helping to destroy the old socialist system of taxation and make America's economy even more dominating than it already is. With the Fair Tax in place, we can leave the rest of the world even further in the economic dust.


Right on, Tucker!

I've always found Tucker Carlson to be a bit of a prick, despite being a conservative. But now that he said that France was right(?!) for blowing up the Greenpeace ship "Rainbow Warrior", which they were, and sticking to it, I respect him a lot more.

Predictably, the eco-whackos at Green"peace" are up in arms and have responded with typical liberal-fascist tactics of proclaiming free speech, but wanting to censor other people, specifically by firing Carlson from his show on MSNBC. Just as an aside, I quite surprised enough people watch MSNBC to get riled up over this or the Michael Savage thing.

Come to think of it, considering Greenpeace and Jon (traitor to his Jewish race) Stewart both hate Carlson, I don't know why I didn't like him before.

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