Saturday, August 13, 2005


Oil Prices

The mongrel moslems are really turning the screws on us. With the aid of their scumbag usury experts at Goldman Sachs of course.

We know the Saudis are funding terror in Iraq and providing most of the terrorists that go there. And the terrorists favorite target (other than innocent bystanders) is the oil infrastructure of Iraq. Without the oil revenue, Iraq sinks, oil prices stay high, and democracy in the middle east is destroyed.

These are all things that OPEC wants to see happen. That's why an anti-American, pro-high-oil-prices cabal of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela, and China is active around the world, killing and undermining all who stand against their plots. Saudi money financed the recent London bombings. Only destroying these governments will reduce oil prices and give stability in the middle east a chance.

You can sum it up with these bumperstickers.

Friday, August 12, 2005


Clinton Lied & Thousands Died, pt. II

The "Able Danger" scandal continues to grow:


Hopefully this will show the need for the Patriot Act. Hell, in fact, this is exactly the type of situation the Alien & Sedition Acts from the end of the eighteenth century were intended to contain. Hopefully we can bring them back and kick out all the moslems and their liberal-fascist allies.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Re: Cindy Sheehan--I Motherfucking Told You So

I hit the nail right on the head and fallen US soldier Casey Sheehan's family agrees with me. Casey's mother Cindy is a self-righteous, self-aggrandizing, lying cunt who is ruining her son's name and those of his comrades in the military.

No doubt this little tidbit will make liberal-fascists hate Drudge for telling the truth even more than they already do.


Cindy Sheehan, Lying Bitch Continues To Be An Asshole

Casey Sheehan will surely be remembered now: as the son of a howling, lying, opportunistic Moonbat being pimped out by the anti-American leftists.


Mick Jagger: Beatles Envy

The Rolling Stones have decided to join other dipshitty liberals in attacking the forces of freedom on their new album.

I case you were wanting to voice your opinion, perhaps you could begin by letting Ameriquest Mortgage (who sponsors the album's tour) know what you think of The Roling Stones making asses of themselves.

Let's face it; Mick Jagger should wrap those big, puffy lips around George Bush's throbbing hard cock. The same goes for other liberal-fascist "artists" who make money bashing the US and freedom. I mean if it weren't for this little huffy fit that the Stones are throwing now (just to get media attention) who would even know that they've had an album out in the last 25 years?

I cna just see the concert now:

Jagger: Here's our newest song!

Fans: Shut the fuck up and play Satisfaction!!!

Sounds like a serious 40-year-old case of Beatles Envy to me.


Detroit USA's Most Liberal City

If Detroit is the most liberal city in the US, is it any wonder that it is a failed city in great decline?

And has a corrupt mayor? They may be socialists, but damned if this isn't true of the relationship between blacks and Democrats:
In the aftermath of the ghetto uprisings of the 1960s, the corporate and political establishment in many US cities handed over power to a series of black mayors, nearly all elected as Democrats, who exploited illusions among minority workers and youth that their election constituted “black empowerment” and would alleviate the conditions facing black workers.
Why won't Republicans grow some testicles and say stuff like that?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Clinton Lied & Thousands Died

The Clinton Administration knew al-Qaeda terrorists were running around in the USA in the summer of 2000.


And the wall between intelligence agencies that were built up by "impartial" cooze Jamie Gorelick helped them stay on the loose. And lets' not forget that those walls were built up because of the Clinton Administration's embarrassment over murdering 80+ Christians in Waco, Texas just a few weeks after moslem terrorists blew up the World Trade Center in February 1993.

Add this onto the fact that Clinton refused to do anything about Bin Laden when he had the chance to take him out in 1996.

Indict Gorelick and Clinton for negligent homicide. Three-thousand+ counts of it.


Cindy Sheehan: Lying Bitch

Cindy Sheehan's son Casey was killed by terrorist moslems in Iraq in 2004. He is better off dead than having to listen to his mom's idiotic ranting lies. And make no mistakes: she is lying.

This cunt is being pimped off by the pro-terrorist thugs like Micheal Moron and It's too bad she is ruining her son's name in death by siding with the terrorists who killed him


Coldplay Continues to Aid & Abet Terrorists

Coldplay's faggoty buck-toothed talentless narcissitic singer Chris Martin has refused to meet with Tony Blair. Martin is afraid it would "damage his image" with his biggest fans: al Quaeda.

This is n't the first time Martin has sided with tyranny and evil. In 2003 he said "We are all going to die when George Bush gets his way". You're right Martin. When GWB gets his way all moslem-loving commies like you will indeed be dead.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Heartening Words From Hiroshima

In an unusual al-Reuters story about yesterday's 60th anniversary of the dropping of the worlds' second atom bomb on Hiroshima, there was actually (gasp!) views from both sides of the merits of dropping the bomb and nukes in general. This contrasts with al-Reuters usual policy of just bashing the USA whenever they get a chance.

Here's a sample of what some Japanese had to say:

Japan surrendered on August 15, bringing to an end the military aggression that had culminated in its entry into World War Two.

Yohei Kono, the speaker of parliament's lower house, said the Hiroshima anniversary should serve as a reminder for Japan not to return to militarism as well as for the world not to use nuclear weapons again.

"We made a mistake in choosing our path in Asia and followed a road to war," said Kono, known for his dovish stance. He was referring to the words: "Rest in peace for we will not repeat the mistake", engraved on the monument honouring the Hiroshima dead.

"We took away the independence of Korea and we intervened in China using the military ... one of the results of fighting against the international community was the dropping of the atomic bomb."


Even some of those in Hiroshima for the anniversary said Japan may have to go nuclear to counter the North Korean threat.

"The best is if talks with the United States go well and North Korea gives up its weapons," said Yoshiaki Onoue, 45, referring to the six-party talks in Beijing aimed at persuading the North to abandon its nuclear programme.

"But Japan may need to have nuclear weapons as insurance," said Onoue, visiting the Peace Memorial Park with his family from Osaka, about 300 km (190 miles) east of Hiroshima.

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