Saturday, July 23, 2005


Blasts Rock Egypt: Will Ken Livingstone Blame White People?

Maybe her communist majesty Red Ken Livingstone can explain how "western policies" are to blame for Egyptians blowing each other up? Or how they're responsible for Iraqi Sunnis blowing up anything that moves?

...Didn't think so.

I have never heard Livingstone blame liberal slave-mongering British policies for the IRA bombings of London over the years. He's paying too much attention on committing international race-treason to focus on his own political crony's failings at home. Livingstone has also failed to explain why towelheads hate Hindus, Thais, Philipinos, Chinamen, everyone really.

I can say for certain that if Londoners continue to wring their hands over a shoot-to-kill-would-be-suicide-bombers policy (THAT EVEN LIVINGSTONE ENDORSES!!!!) and if they re-elect Commie Kennie who blames them for getting themselves blown up, then there will be more Islamo-bombings. And, indeed, those WILL be the fault of the British people themselves.

Livingstone has not commented on the fact that one day after he endorsed islamic terror, his city was victim to it again. Time will tell if his tune changes...


Did London Deserve It?

White liberals continue their alliance with radical moslems.

Is it a conicidence that one day after Red Ken (Soon to be "Dead Ken") Livingstone expressed solidarity with the towel-headed terror-mongers the animals attempt another bombing of his city?


More Anti-Christian Hatred From "Liberals"

I hope every stupid-ass "liberal" catholic is paying attention to how much Demonrat activists hate you. PRESIDENT BUSH's "Supreme" Court nominee, John Roberts, is a Catholic, and the Commucrat activists hate Christians. Especially Mormons and Catholics.

If a Catholic votes for a Democrat after a known progressive-communist attacks their whole sect, then the whole damn church ought to be disbanded. For, as John Paul II said, the spirit of the Anti-Christ will truly have pervaded the church.

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