Thursday, July 14, 2005


Karl Rove & Deep Throat

Karl Rove didn't blow the "cover" on the cocktail party cunt that Joe Wilson is married to, but I wish he had. That way, conseervatives could look up to him the way loony leftists look up to Deep Throat (Mark Felt, not Monica Lewinsky).

Joe Wilson was the one going around lying to the press, Congress, and the public in 2003. The press are the only ones idiotic enough to have bought his lies.

Now the blame-Bush liberal fascists are uberly convinced that Karl Rove told on Valerie Plame (Wilson's wife). So what? She was running around bullshitting at cocktail parties on the American taxpayers dime and we're supposed to believe she was
"fighting on the front lines in the war on terror" as Howard Deanie the Commie Weenie said. Give me a fucking break.

Two points here: One Karl Rove heard about Plame's job from other journalists before he said anything to Matt Cooper (despite what that bitch Margret Carlson says). And two, Why would Judith Miller still be in jail if Rove was her source? Rove waived Cooper's protection of him, not that he needed any since Rove broke no law.

Why isn't the liberal media asking that question? I guess we know the answer to that.

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