Friday, July 01, 2005


Ulf Hjertström For President

He may be foreign-born, buy, by God, Ulf Hjertström deserves a crack at the US Presidency in my opinion because he knows how to get things done. Like killing radical towelheads.

Mr. Hjertström was kidnapped in Iraq by the (loved-by-liberals) Sunni terrormongers. He was released and is now paying the world's best bounty-hunters (Boba Fett?) to track and destroy the camel-humpers who held him. Apparently, his "employees" have already dispatched two kidnappers.

Fuck the Geneva Convention. Screw recruiting goals. God-damn Guantanamo. We need more people who put their faith in action, liberal backlash be damned, and less faith in idiotic treaties for our enemies to hid behind.

Thursday, June 30, 2005


If This Isn't Reason To Murder "Liberals" ...

I can't think of anything that illustrates the commucrat program "pogrom?" in America better than this:
Democratic Party officials in East St. Louis, Illinois have been convicted of massive voter fraud in last November's election. The local jury convicted them of, among other things, paying people to vote Democratic. This is, really, only the tip of the iceberg; still to come is an attempted murder trial arising out of the effort by a Democratic Party official to murder a witness who threatened to blow the whistle on the Democratic official's corruption.- Power Line
All this after being commiting vote fraud in Wisconsin and of course, basically stealing the Washington Governor's race.

Yet the demonrats still screech about Republican "voter disenfrachisement". No wonder the communist progressives in this country have so much enthusiasm for their Sunni suicide bomber-buddies; they're the exact same.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Putin Steals Super Bowl Ring

God Damn! You can't make shit like this up.

Vladimir Putin stole the Super Bowl Ring of Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Maybe he's a Steelers fan.

Too, bad he didn't steal the ring of that rump-ranger Tom Brady.


"Liberal" Polls vs. Democracy

Is the media attempting to use polling "data" to subvert the democratic process?


Is it working?

Hell no!

The polls today will show Bush's approval rating up after his speech. They had been down after weeks of people hearing the loony libs complain about Guantanamo and the rough US treatment of their Sunni allies in Iraq. Yes the "liberals" stand up for the Sunni thugs like they were relatives. I guess, politically, they are.

This just show what a sham polls are. They respond to whatever they heard last. I realize I'm lumping polls and the people who respond to them together, but why shouldn't I? Anyone with a real life doesn't sit around taking polls, unless they're somewhat liberal anyway. A conservative takes action, not polls. And further, why should any second-term President give a flying fuck about polls?

All the poll questions can be loaded by the liberal media making them to reflect whatever bias (Counter-American) they want. They then report the polling "data" as fact. It's no such thing. It IS a deliberate attempt to make people think that the public by and large agrees with the Bolshevik press and that if you disagree, you're out of the mainstream.

One of the canards the liberals like is that there were no Iraq-Al-Qaeda links. In fact there were plenty of links between Saddam Hussein and 9-11 itself. The liberal media chooses to ignore them. The truly loony liberals fight tooth-and-nail against anyone in the public knowing these facts, as demonstrated by their own polls!

It's no wonder the media's own polls show people like the military better (3-1) than the leftist media.

Oh and in case any "liberal" dipshits were wondering about Saddam's chemical weapons, they went to Syria, then on to the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. The Syrians then take the WMD to Sudan to use in the Arab janjaweed's genocide agianst black Africans in Darfur.

Tsk, tsk. Once again we see the white liberal Democrat conspire to enslave and murder Africans. The Democrat party and its supporters of 2005 are much like the Democrat party and its supporters of 1855. So why should we listen to them when we should be murdering them in the Civil War they seem so eager to start?

Hey, if they want to undermine democracy, let's go! I just want them to understand that it's their ass-skin that will adorn my lampshades afterwards.


Atlas Continues Shrugging

Will David Souter have his land stolen by his own ruling? It'd poetic justice against a "Supreme" Court "Justice.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Energy Bill Bullshit

Demonrats AND Republicans are bitching and moaning about the Energy Bill which has been locked up for four damn years now.

It's a lot of hippie douche crap about the environment which I'm sure will be nice and clean when the Chinese and moslem hordes conquer us. I hope there's no taxpayer money going to this idiotic "space umbrella" that the enviro-whackos are talking about. They've really gone off the deep end on that, but I digress...

Listen to me, dipshit congressmen:
  1. Drill in ANWR.
  2. Tap Shale Oil in the Midwest and Appalachains and fuck those lies about "greenhouse" problems--there AREN'T any.
  3. Force China out of Venezuela's and Canada's tar sand deposits (whatever it takes).
  4. Remove those faggoty bans on offshore drilling (Hell, even Candadians want to!).
  5. Fund your biodiesel and windpower and whatnot, BUT DON'T GIVE UP ON GETTING OIL UNTIL THE USA IS OFF OF IT!
I can't wait until we can synthesize gasoline (possibly from coal). I'd love to be on that conference call with those towelheaded sheiks when we tell them we can fill our own fuel demands. I'll bet you'd be able to hear their turds hit the floor underneath those dresses they wear.

Monday, June 27, 2005


Taysir Hayb: WORLD HERO

The Sharon government continues its policies of back-stabbing REAL Israelites in the back. It has convicted former Israeli soldier Taysir Hayb of shooting limey douche Tom hurndall in the head. Just like he deserved to be.

Just like the leftist bitch Rachel Corrie deserved to get crushed to death, but I digress.

As if convicting its soldiers of killing pro-terror idiots like Hurndall isn't bad enough, Hayb's A FUCKING ARAB!!! A NON-MUSLIM ARAB FIGHTING FOR ISRAEL!!! And this is how they repay him? Disgusting. No doubt his Arab lineage will not stop anti-Semitic brits from blaming the joooos again.

I say all these whiny white bastards that go to the third world ought to be hunted and killed for sport. Even when they come home.


"Liberals" Censor On Behalf Of Billary

The Clinton PR machine is getting additional censorship help, and America has gained a new enemy, in the form of Eric Shit.

Eric Shit is the CEO of Google and a huge Clinton supporter.

As you know, Google is a left-wing biased organization. Google discriminates against conservative advertisers and news organizations, yet allowed an anti-Semitic ad despite the fact that one of Google's founders is a Jew. How sick.

One more group to be liquidated in the Second Civil War. I do so enjoy killing liberals and when more are added to the list of those who will burn, I'm pleased.


Attention Fox News



"Liberals" Demand More Media Censorship

As if Democrat grandstanding about hating video games wasn't enough (even though Chuckie "Shithead" Schumer covered up FBI & BATF murders at Waco in 1993) the "liberals" are returning to what they know best censorship so people won't know how stupid and evil they are.

The Clinton PR ("PR" could stand for "public relations or "political rescue" when you're talking about the Clintons) machine is in high gear to discredit and attack Klein and his new book"The Truth About Hillary." And a Clinton-loving press is in full thrall trying to help them out.

It's no surprise considering that "liberals" only believe in free speech when it's for them. Like the time they stopped John Kerry's Red China bribes and John Edwards Mafia ties from being covered.


Tom Cruise Insanity Watch '05

Ground Control to Major Tom

Yeah!!! Scientology ROCKS!!


Euro-Douchebags Side With Towelheads-AGAIN!

Italy is accusing the CIA of kidnapping a radical camel-humper and torturing him to get information. I say good, but the EUSSR's deep, abiding love for sand-monkeys means they're attempting to arrest American CIA agents!

With judges this stupid (almost as bad as ours) it's no wonder they're throwing an old woman in jail for telling the truth about how disastrous Islam is.

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