Friday, June 10, 2005


MoveOn or MORON? organized a massive crowd of about 20 who protested a detestable Rebublican Congressman who had ties to Tom DeLay. The group had intricately plotted the ties between the two GOPers and detailed the facts to the public.

But there was one problem: They picketed the wrong congressman.

Oh well. They were only off by about 1200 miles. What idiotic assholes. Between douchebags like them and Howard Deanie the Commie Weanie, the demoncrats may not get a single vote by 2008.


Bomb Iran Now! Somebody Please!!!!!

There's never been a better time to take out Tehran than while self-appointed international problem solver and Film Actor's Guild (FAG) member Sean Penn is there. On assignment. Emphasis on ASS. As a REPORTER!

Hell even the Iranians would want to die once they found out Penn was in their midst.

With reporters like Ms. Penn, it's no wonder the public's trust in the media is at an all-time low.

Fuck Sean Penn.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


Janice Rogers Brown, Will You Marry Me?

Federal Judge (after two years of waiting) Janice Brown's views sound like those of the perfect woman. Opinionated, unafraid, uncowed by the leftist schmaltz that most panty-wearers buy into. She's absolutely right that years 1933 & 1937 were years of "socialist revolution" and that oldies "canabilize their young," at least financially.

I love it when demoncrats say how "radical" and "backward" her views on race and poverty, etc. are. Judge Brown is both black and the daughter of sharecroppers. Yeah, the white liberals know what's best for her. Good God, what arrogance.

Dear sweet Lord, please command your child George Bush to nominate her for the Supreme Court when one of those geezers croaks or retires. I just can't imagine how wonderful it would be to watch a bunch of Commucrat Congressman who are all whiter than Robert Byrd's Klan outfit beat up on a poor black woman. That'll really haul in those black voters in 2006 & 2008 for the al Qaedacrats.

The Dumbocrat party is already established as a party of white elitists. Janice Brown's nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States wold force them (and the left-wing crackpot organizations they take their marching orders from) to take actions that would essentially be like nailing their own coffins shut.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Proud White Christian

Howard Deanie the Commie Weenie said that the Republican Party was "pretty much a white Christian party." And it is . It's also a Jewish party, an Agnostic party, a Shinto party, and even a Muslim party, and a black party, and an Hispanic party... well the list goes on.

The Republican party has people who have come from all over the world who support it. The Republican party has put huge amounts of non-whites in governmental positions.

Let me clarify: The Republican party is NOT racist. Historically, The Democrats ARE racist.


NY TImes & Al Qaeda: Together Again

Well those race-traitor self-loathing Jews at The New York Lies are playing "Can You Top This?" again.

The National Academy of Sciences published an article to their preview website intended to give journalists an advance view of upcoming stories. This particular story by Professor Lawrence Wein (Whine?) was about how to poison the nation's milk supply. And, obstensibly, how Homeland Security and Health & Human Services should stop it.

Am I missing something here? If you know how to prevent a terrorist attack, you don't broadcast the method of attack to the entire world. As a Stanford University professor, Wein had ample access to tell Government officials about his concerns without telling the radical moslems as Wein chose to do last week with an editorial in The New York Lies.

Thanks, professor, the towelheads can now use your attack methods much faster than HHS or DHS can implement safeguards.

Note the radical anti-American agenda is endemic to the NAS: Earlier this week they prosletized on behalf of the radical enviro-whackos spreading the lie of global wrming. Also note that the radical anti-Semitic (Yet Jewish) reporters at The New York Lies are only too happy to send vital national secrets to the radical moslem enemy as they also did last week. I guess it's their weekly sedition.

Does the Constitutional prohibition of treason mean nothing anymore?

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