Saturday, May 21, 2005


More Racism From "Liberals"

Al Sharpton is pointing out the lack of minority office-holders in the Democrat party heirarchy.

I've already pointed out how hypocritical it is to accuse Republicans of racism while having a Senator in your party who is a Klan Member and a Party chariman who thinks blacks are only fit to wait tables.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


OUTRAGE!!! Part 2

If NBC adding fuel to the counter-American fire wasn't treasonous, Newspaper Guild President Linda Foley has leveled false accusations against the US military similar to the lies Eason Jordan spread that got his ass canned.

Firing isn't working with the traitor rags. We need firing squads to deal with this internal scum.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005



DOES THE COMMUNIST-CONTROLLED MSM EVER LEARN ANYTHING??? If this isn't treason, I don't know what is.
NBC Airs New Koran Desecration Rumors

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Stupid Wars: Revenge of the SHIT


George Lucas, billionaire toymaker and former (bad) movie director, says the inspiration for the (supposedly) evil Empire in the Star Wars movies comes from democracies turning themselves into dictatorships and that the USA is like that now.

Fuck you, fatty. Make a decent movie without wooden acting or blatant racism or stealing your "ideas" from other classic narratives like Moby Dick, MacBeth, Hamlet, (basically any Shakespeare), and ancient Greek sagas from Homer and the philosophers, and then we'll talk about how much you know about life and history. I mean let's face facts. From 1997-2005 he fagged up those original movies so much that they oughtta be called "Queer Eye for the Jedi".

One wonders how much time Lucas' socialism, and apparent ability to live in a world as made up as his movies, would get if reporters who voted for Kerry weren't so ready to go along with this crap? Hollywood bolsheviks like Lucas and the 35-year-old virgins who worship him need to get a grip. It's always funny how they come up with these conspiracy theories that accurately describe themselves, then hurl those descriptions onto decent people.

Is Lucas becoming another fat, untalented, bearded, communist movie director like Michael Moron? Even though he's from Sodom Francisco, I think Geroge Lucas is more like Santa Claus.

To wit:
One point the leftist press has missed in its rush to compare Star Wars to US Presidents: They were started when Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton (I gues that makes Janet Reno Darth Vader) were,respectively, in the White House. Wrong message, right Presidents.

The last laugh here belongs to the free Iraqi people. While Lucas was sucking Chirac's dick at the Cannes film festival, he had to endure, horror of horrors, a pro-US film by an Iraqi called "Kilometer Zero".
It ends with what can be perceived as a slap at France and others who sat out the 2003 Iraq war -- after Saddam fell to the U.S.-led coalition, the main character and his wife, then in exile in Paris, scream out their apartment window, ''We're free! We're free!''
I hope everyone will use edonkey or kazaa or shareaza or zeropaid or emule or grokster or freewire or morpheus to steal this movie or get a good pirated copy off the street If you live near the Mexican border, it's easy) so that that white whale Lucas won't get any more American money for spreading communist crap.

Monday, May 16, 2005


British Pro-Communist, Pro-Terrorist Propaganda

The commies at the BBC (British Bolshevik Corporation) are at it again. They've produced a movie along the "Israel tricked the US into blowing up the WTC so they could both persecute moslems" line. Filthy and disgusting. Senior BBC producer Adam Curtis is behind this trash. I urge all Americans to try and murder him if he shows up on our shores.

Here's a sample of his tripe:
the fear of terrorism has come to pervade politics in the United States and Britain even though much of that angst is based on carefully nurtured illusions.

It says Bush and U.S. neo-conservatives, as well as British Prime Minister Tony Blair, are exaggerating the terror threat in a manner similar to the way earlier generations of leaders inflated the danger of communism and the Soviet Union.

Iflated the danger of the Soviet Union? Exsqueeze me? Baking powder? The Communists killed almost 200 million people in the last century. They meant to kill or enslave all of us. It was people like Truman, Reagan, Thatcher, and Edward Teller who helped to save us. I guess the Cuban missile crisis was overblown as well. What the flying fuck do you even say to these people? You can't say anything and that's the point. People who have been so corrupted like that limey pervert are a cancer. We can only protect ourselves by cutting them out and killing them.

Says Curtis:
You'd be hard pushed to tell my politics from watching it.
No chance, dickhead. You're a pinko, through and through. And your time is at an end.

Here's some good ol' anti-Crown literature right back atcha, slick.


Oil-For-Food,Terrorists, and Euro-turds

Pro-Saddam, Pro-PLO, Pro-al Qaeda Anti-Christian, Counter-American British MP George Galloway has been caught alongside Kofi Annan, Kojo Annan, Saddam Hussein and his sons, Jacque Chirac, Russia, China, Germany, on and on, in the OFF scandal.


Strangely, despite all his pandering to the towelheaded vermin, they still physically attacked Galloway. That's kinda funny.

This week there is to be a hearing tomorrow entitled "Oil for Influence: How Saddam Used Oil to Reward Politicians and Terrorist Entities Under the United Nations Oil-for-Food Program." Sweet Jesus, I love that name. It'll be held at 9:30 a.m. in Room 562 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building.

The supreme irony of the OFF scandal is that all these liars who call themselves "liberal" supported Saddam anyway. They would have gone to the mat for him without any bribes. Their own greed caught them out and gave people like us (Americans) ammunition to destroy them and the UN. HEHE. Destroy them, we will.


Newsweek To Be Renamed "Jihad Weekly"

NEWSWEEK magazine admitted that it lied about US soldiers tearing up a koran and flushing it down the toilet. I am so fucking God-damn tired of the left wing press bashing America and getting caught and enough stupid assholes around the country still buying (literally and figuratively) the MSM's crap.

2003-NYT-Jayson Blair
(Insert year here)-Seymour Hersh-Any of his titles

Where the hell does it end?!

And, well, if Satan Arabia doesn't like it, it can go fuck itself. Especially considering it is the main supplier of jihadis around the world. I think if we just genocidally liquidated the Saudis, the world would be...31.7% better off, instantly.


EU: Iran's Last Chance

We at the EU are serious this is Iran's last chance to avoid being sent to the Secretary General of the Useless Nations where they will have the opportunity to bribe that little monkey with oil money. We're deadly earnest this time. This is it. You won't get many more last chances! After this, there may be less than five or six last chances. Hey..DON'T..Hey, look at us while we give you your last chance. You are in so much...WE'LL TELL THE US!!!!

Fuck the EU and Iran. Just Nuke it! Because:
Meanwhile, the experience of the 20th century and of current world politics tells us that if we really want to prevent someone from going nuclear, it is necessary either to physically destroy the weapons by preemptive strike, as Israel did to Iraq in 1981, or to occupy the country, as the post-1945 history of Japan and Germany tell us.


Mexican Presidente: Black Americans Suck

Vicente Fox called black Ameicans lazy and said that the USA needed to import as many of his people (Mexicans) as we should so that we don't collapse. We'll keep that in mind. Douchebag.


Drop Dead Huffington

Ariana Huffington, socialite and sarcastic cunt that spews the invective spoon fed to her by whatever man whose penis was most recently inside of her, has a new blog. I'm sure by now, you've all heard of it. And (hold on to your hats) its bombing.

Can someone please send this dumb bitch back to Green Acres? And tell Eddie Albert to rape her with a cattle prod when she gets there.

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