Thursday, May 05, 2005


Save America: Rape a Liberal

Save America: Shoot a Moslem
Save America: Beat a Democrat
Save America: Rip the head off a Progressive Communist and Drink from the Blood Fountain
Save America: Whip a Faggot
Save America: Bomb the Million Moron March

I could go on. But I won't. That would be tactless.


Human Cloning

I would support human cloning if one thing would be done: Clone ahuman spinal cords and testicles and send a set to every god damned Senate Republican so they can see what having balls and a backbone is like and maybe then they'll act like they won the elections of 2000, 2002, & 2004 and stand up to those lying weasel Democrats on the filibuster garbage and the fact that Christine Gregoire stole the Washington state gubenatorial election.

It's that hand-wringing and unwillingness to stand up for principle that's going to get the Republicans thrown out of office. It's strange that the Democrat whining and bullying is their greatest asset because Republicans are scared to stand up to it. ????!!!???


Continuing Washington State Vote Fraud Saga

Powerline has an entry on Michelle Malkin's continuing coverage of how lying bitch Chrsitine Gregoire stole the governorship of Washington state by having felons vote for her. I've just gotten exhausted covering a Democrat cover-up of this magnitude that no one seems to give a damn about.


Deficit Reduction

The US Government recieved alot of money in April. All of it from taxpayers, of course. The influx has reduced expectations of this years Federal budget deficit, and that deficit, and the long-term debt it causes, are likely to go down from here on out.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


US Preparing Nuclear War Contingencies

Now we're gettin' somewhere. The Pentagon is formulating a plan to distribute nuclear weapons to tactical forces and allowing regional CinC's to petition the President directly for use of the nukes to pre-empt a similar strike by our enemies against us or our allies.

Clearly this is a public warning to N. Korea and Iran. Hey, you've got a few bombs? Guess what? We've got over 7,000. And if we get hit with any nuke stuff, we're just gonna assume it was you who gave the material to the bomber and destroy your countries.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Mexican Politician To The RIGHT Of Minutemen

A Mexican politician is proposing closing the US-Mexican Border.


Live Like A Pacifist, Die Like a Fool

Think pacifism is good, or even workable? I'm sure Marla Ruzicka did too and the towelheaded terror-mongers killed her anyway.

You see, modern moslems, funded and urged on by Saudi "charities" are merely brainless animals. They neither respect nor care that you would choose to live in accordance with the principles (or so they say) of Jesus. If you are foolish enough to "turn the other cheek" they'll kill YOU anyway, just like the enemies of God did Marla and Jesus.

Wise up, America, before another attack like S11 is imminent. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, we deserve it. Being hellbent on peace when enemies are out to devour you is the best way to end up like James Davis; mutliated by animals. Except the moslem animal LOOKS human and THAT's what fools some people.

Monday, May 02, 2005


We Need Minutemen Like These

A group of Filipino patriots has determined that they are the only ones who can save themselves from Moslem radicals. Considering their government is even more sorry than ours when it comes to elucidating the "root causes" of terrorism (Islam), I'd say they're right. And a good example for us.
...many Ilaga leaders and members continue murdering Muslims and later Christians suspected of being communists.
"We the people"...and all, not "The Government as it sees fit to do something vague at an undetermined time so the people will be fooled into thinking everything is cool."


Just Where Did ACLU Get Their Drugs?

The ACLU aids drug smugglers, opposes drug laws, "protests" The Minutemen, aids illegal entry to USA, and are themselves caught smoking dope on the border? Hmmmm. Phishy.

I think it's time for R-I-C-O for the A-C-L-U.


No Such Thing As Abortion "Right"

Shrill Democrat schill, and all around stupid bitch, Susan Estrich is all up in arms because child rapists can't take their underage victims to different states to kill the resulting baby and erase evidence that they are indeed statutory rapists. In this Planned Parenthood is a willing accomplice to murder and obstruction of justice.

Estrich tries to turn the argument on its head by saying:
Imagine denying a rape victim access to an abortion.
Oh, yeah. Killing the baby while covering the criminal father. And don't think for a minute that men over 18 are tempted to rape girls as young as 12 because they think (un)Planned Parenthood and the ACLU will help them get away with it.

Nice, real nice. And these leftist scumbuckets are usually the last to ever want to execute a criminal or even put one in jail. But ripping apart a fetus is a righteous cause to them. Unbefuckinglievable.

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