Saturday, April 30, 2005


ACLU Wants To Murder An American

A 13-year-old girl in Florida has gotten herself knocked up (no doubt by a 19-year-old that Unplanned Parenthood is shielding) and has been prevented from killing her unborn baby. The ACLU is determined to murder that child though.
It is a case which, once again, plays into the heated and divisive debate about abortion in America.
But there's no debate about abortion in England, is there? RIIIIIGHT. Someone blow up an ACLU office. I guarantee that no jury will convict you.

Friday, April 29, 2005


9/11 For Portland, Oregon?

I sure hope so. It looks like al Quaeda has the people and Portland has a complete lack of will to keep it from happening.


Official: Republicans In Power Forever

Admitting that it will take a "miracle" for Democrats to retake the Senate in 2006, Harry Ried (Moonbat-NV) all but sealed the Republicans in power forever.

Since Democrats hate the idea of God (the only one miracles can come from), there's NO way for the to win back power. Tell a liberal this, stand back, and watch their circular logic cause their brain to explode.


Hugo Chavez: Laughable Douchebag

As if thinking South America could survive (and thrive as an altenative to) US capitalism by setting up a zone of barter economies wasn't idiotic enough, soon-to-be-assassinated Hugo Chavez recently distributed one million copies of Don Quixote.

Ha! An idiotic WMD-possessing dictator trying to ally with Castro and take on the USA handing out books about a stupid ass donkey-jockey who can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Perfect match for Chavez.

With a cretin like Chavez in Venezuela, I hope at least one illegal immigrant, Luis Posada Carriles, gets to stay here. Anyone who tried to blow up anything Cuban or Venezuelan is a friend of the USA.


PRC To Walk The Plank

China's use of artificially high currency value and and Textile dumping will come under closer scrutiny by the USA and EU.

What will the result be if China is called to task for anti-WTO trade practices? Collapse and war. 'Bout time.


Jesus Didn't Marry Peter

Despite their intense belief that the bible contains hidden references to support gay "marriage" and abortion, leftist "Christians" or more accurately, Zorasters-for-Jesus are indeed wrong.

Yet, some wayward anti-Christian "churches" flaunt their Satanism anyway. Disgusting.


France Leads The Way...To Hell

As if having your country taken over by dirty, violent foreigners wasn't bad enough, now France's unemployment rate is over 10%. And the EU dream of elitist leftists like those that run France is about to collapse. And, as the Pope points out, the only way for Europe to regain strength as a continent is anathema to most Europeans, especially the elitists.

So much for France being at the head of a glorious "global governance" in which they can subjugate the USA.

And so much for the EU plan to kick the legs out from under the US economy which has sustained them for 75 years. Destroying the EU (the economic entity, not (necessarily) the people) is critically important. And we're on the way there now!

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Portland Deserves Its Own 9/11

I've been sizing ups Portland, Oregon's idiotic decision to block FBI efforts to stop radical towelheaded sand-monkeys. I've arrived at the same decision as Michelle Malkin: Fuck 'em. Let the douches of Portland clean up after al Quaeda and the Mexicans destroy their town.


Vivé la Race War Against The Sand-Monkeys!

There was an anti-white race riot by underhumanoid Arabs in Paris March 8. Anti-white and anti-Semitic racism is becoming more prevelant in the EU. And a lot of the anti-Semitism is from other white race traitors. But the white race-traitors in the EU have been saying anti-moslem bias is the problem!

Yeah, it was neo-Nazis that killed Theo Van Gogh. And do you think things will get better when the EU collapses this summer? Get a fucking clue, hippies! There's no stopping a biblical confrontation at this point. And it's not the Christian's fault. The moslems put this confrontation in motion when they invented the lies on which their "religion" was founded 1400 years ago.

Look, the coming race-war in Europe isn't a problem. The problem is that Europeans are the ones who are going to fight it and we know they can't fight for shit. If the EU losers can't fend off the mongrel races invading them, the mongrels we've let into the US will think they can fight and win against the American people. And we know that the towelhead bigwigs are supporting terrorists against the west.

What are subhuman satanic pig worshippers up to in my country? Thanks to the ACLU and CAIR, plenty.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005



The lying communists who call themselves "liberal" or "progressive" are not our countrymen. They are an ingrateful group of invading scum. This country can only be cleansed with the blood of its internal enemies.

They seem bent on starting another civil war. BRING IT ON! Their slavemaster predecessors lost the first one and they stand no chance in this one. How long would those rump-ranger gun-haters last in a real fight? Who would the US military stand behind? Those fanny-lancing pinkos?

Fuck all this bullshit about "divides" and "debates". There is no divide: All REAL Americans are united. We are under attack by an insidious enemy that looks like us and speaks our language and is using our own court system and legislature to gag and (in the case of abortion) murder us.

It's us or them America! We can't both share this continent anymore. Grab a gun and change history!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


American Blacks Flock To Site Of Their Destruction

American Blacks are visiting Paris in record numbers in a misguided belief that France has some historically significant ties with the black race.

Yeah, it's trying to wipe them out.

How can anyone support with their tourism dollars the country that is murdering them in astonishing numbers?


Hitting Whitey

I have to say I was wrong: I told my friends that never ever never never ever never ever never would any black be charged with a hate crime for hitting anyone else in America. That includes Koreans, Indians, whoever, but especially not if they attacked a white person.

But several black girls in New York City have been charged with a hate crime for a random attack on white girls during which the assailants yelled out "Martin Luther King" (!?!?). At least we've lived out Kings "dream" of equality; we now beat each other and get charged with the same crime.

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