Friday, April 22, 2005


ACLU Continues to Attack USA

The ACLU (Atheist Communist Liar Union) has joined forces with CAIR (Cocksuckers Aiding Islamic Radicals) to bring down America judicially. FYI the ACLU are junkies and the CAIR are terrorists.

The ACLU also wants to prosecute Sean Hannity for crossing the Mexican-American "border". If Sean was coming rather than going across that border, the ACLU would love him to pieces.

They oughta let Eric Robert Rudolph out of jail just on the off chance he'd blow up a few ACLU offices.


Euro-Trash Bigotry

The Association of University Teachers (AUT) in England has decided to boycott Israeli universities because, well, they hate Jews, but the AUT is pretending it's because of the Israeli "apartheid" against the Palestinians.

Oh, you mean like the "apartheid" you British have practiced against the Irish for almost 400 years?

Also, all you snooty anti-Semites may want to think twice about boycotting Israel. You'd be surprised that you'd end up living like cavemen. Or is that what the Communist/Environmentalist/White Race Traitors really want for all of us?


Who's The More Radical Teddy?

Who is more radical? NRA-er "Shoot 'em Dead" Ted Nugent? Or Teddy Kennedy, who's actually murdered a woman?


Democrats Weave Tangled Web

The Cummucrat Party (with their fellow Bolsheviks at The New York Times) has smeared Tom DeLay for weeks now about his alleged "ethics" problems.

Now, when Republicans agree to revive the House Ethics (Who are we kidding here? They're ALL crooks) Committee to clear Delay's name, it turns out Democraps are the ones who will get booted for lying and stealing tax money.

The Democraps just wanted to go on attacking DeLay, and surely don't want their own ethics lapses found out, and thus, now, don't want the Ethics Committee to be resurrected.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


Does France Benefit From Sudan Slaughter?

France (despite not being a member) is blocking NATO's participation in a Sudan peacekeeping effort.

Is France benefiting financially from the genocide there?

Well, we know that France benefited from (AND AIDED IN) the deaths of 800,000 Rwandans. And France has a propensity for killing Africans willy-nilly while black race-traitor Kofi Annan looks on.

It looks like it's that same ol' Déjà Vu all over again.


France Backs China Amidst Commie Threats To Taiwan, Pope

In a continued twisting of the knife they've placed between Uncle Sam's shoulder blades, French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin has endorsed a Chinese law that "allows" China to take Taiwan by force to silence democracy in the Pacific Rim. The worthless little frog also reitterated his country's plans to sell weapons to the PRC (Red China).

China has also threatened the new Pope over what China sees as meddling in its affairs by insisting that real Catholics (not the fake Chinese-government "Catholics") be allowed to worhip as they please, as well as Vatican ties with Taiwan. This is yet another reason for the USA to endorse and equip Falun-Gong and the Catholic church to defend themselves against the new Chin Dynasty and insist on fair treatment.

I believe it is time to euqip Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, & South Korea with ABM missile shields, nuclear warheads, and missiles capable of delivering those warheads to mainland China. We'll see who throws around threats like they were marbles then.

As for France, it's no surprise that France backs repressive measures in China. France has a record against human liberty that is almost as sorry as China's

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


ACLU Continues To Aid Our Enemies

ACLU "observers" (obstructors?) have been seen smoking marijuana before they come to harass Minuteman volunteers who are helping stem the tide of the Mexican invasion. An invasion the ACLU contiues to aid and abet.

When's their treason trial, Georgie boy?


Happy 230th, America

Today is the 230th anniversary of the Battle of Condord & Lexington on April 19, 1775.


OKC Bombing: Nazis + Moslems Struck 10 Years Ago Today

The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was blown up on the morning of April 19, 1995. Did Timothy McVeigh and the Nichols brothers act alone? Or in concert with other forces that hate Jews and the USA?

How much did al Qaeda and Iraq have to do with the bombing? Why won't the US government release the facts about all this? Who are they protecting?


Pope Benedict XVI

The Catholic church has played it safe and named Joseph Ratzinger the 265th Pontiff. Ratzinger has warned against Europe's secular slide, but may not appeal to the vast majority of Catholics who aren't European. He also recently turned 78, more thatn 19 years older than John Paul II was on his first day as Pope.

Cardinal Ratzinger was a favored candidate, the strongest non-Italian in the field. I believe, however, that the Church would have done itself good to name a hard-liner like Giacomo Biffi to the Papacy if they were going to stick with a European. To Quote Biffi:
"Europe will either become Christian again or it will become Muslim. The vast majority of Muslims are coming here determined to remain outside our humanity."
A man who understands the real dangers of the 21st Century.

That same year Biffi also said that he believed the Antichrist was alive and would soon rise to prominence.

Biffi told a conference meeting in Bologna that the Antichrist was a prominent philanthropist who advocated causes like human rights, the environment and ecumenicism.

Biffi said that this man (who he never identified) had a "fascinating personality" and espoused causes like vegetarianism, pacifism, environmentalism and animal rights.

George Soros? Another reason to kill this traitor to the Jewish race.
Biffi added that this Antichrist would be a Bible expert who would discard its truths to prosletyze for "vague and fashionable spiritual values."
John Shelby Spong perhaps?


Oil Prices Fall, Will Goldamn Sachs Allow It?

Of course Goldman Sachs wouldn't allow yesterday's oil prices of below $50 a barrel to keep. Today oil was back over $52 per barrel.

Why is it that gasoline was $2.23 on $55+ per barrel yet gasoline is $2.22/gallon on $50 per barrel? Manipulation by greedy energy brokers anyone? And what the fuck does inventory have to do with any of these shit prices? All other businesses in the world (especially Dell) brag about reducing inventory to lower prices. The oil-traders (traitors?) are the only ones who stick with the lie that reduced inventory increases prices.

I wouldn't be surprised to see that Goldman had a hand in Russia's neo-socialist attacks on oil company Yukos that have driven crude prices back up.


Ted "Make 'em Dead" Nugent

Ted Nugent has joined me in wanting to kill perverts and criminals rather than waste taxpayer money trying to prosecute them.

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