Thursday, April 07, 2005


More Proof of Goldman Sachs Oil Price-Fixing

As I have been reporting on Goldman Sachs previous price-fixing activities and their new efforts to fix oil prices, the evidence against these scumbag New York financiers just keeps piling up.
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. colluded with officials at Indonesia's state oil company to sell two supertankers to Frontline Ltd., the world's biggest oil-tanker owner, for as much as $56 million below the market price, the country's anti-monopoly agency said.


Conservative Speakers Need Advance Guard

Another truth-teller has been hit in the face with a pie by a liar (liberal, whatever). It's come to the point where speakers who are telling the truth about the communist progressives need a Praetorian Guard to protect them when they appear in public.

There are two other ways to stop this epidemic:
  1. Catch someone in the commission of the crime (it is a crime-assault), and beat the "progressive" until the spirit of the "progressive" progressively marches toward the bright white light.
  2. Storm the stage when a "progressive" communist (Howard Dean(ie) the commie weenie, John Kerry, Ted "The Red" Kennedy) is speaking and instead of hitting them in the face with a pie, use a hammer and crush their jaw.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Goldman Sachs Oil Price-Fixing Update

I reported yesterday on Goldman Sachs' fixing the price of oil and my efforts to start a class action lawsuit against them. Contact this attorney and tell them you want to sue Goldman for raising your gasoline costs.

Three developments since yesterday.

First, it seems Goldman has a history of this price-fixing behavior. Second, there is great concensus that Goldman Sachs "fire in the crowded building" suggestion that oil could reach $105 a barrel raised prices for us all. Third, Goldman is HOARDING OIL!!!!!!!
U.S. oil prices have surged 33 percent this year, with big-money speculative funds (GOLDMAN) buying heavily on signs that rapid demand growth in Asia's emerging economies and the United States would strain world supply.
Please, Please, Please contact your State and Federal representatives and your state Attorney General and tell them you don't want New York financiers stealing your money!!!


The New Pope and Catholic Direction

I was thinking, while looking at the procession of Cardinals past John Paul II's body yesterday, that the time is right for a new Pope that will not only not be Italian (a total mistake--There are more American Catholics than there are Italian citizens) but for a Pope that is not European at all.

I think a Pope from Africa would perhaps be best. The vibrant church on the continent would appreciate it to no end. European liberals would be forced to choose between the lip service they pay to other races and their actual racist actions. A Latin American Pope would be good as long as he is NOT fro mthe following countries; Brazil, Mexico, or Venezuela. A Pope from any of the other Latin American countries would help stem the tide of Indio-facism prevalent there.

To some extent the Church needs to leave behind, for the time being, Europe. In time the EU will collapse, radical Islam in Europe will rise, and many Europeans will return to the pews. While the world waits for that, the Church can concentrate on Africa, Latin America, and especially China. The China question is sticky one for The Vatican. They need to stand by Taiwan, yet provide for the millions of Chinese Catholics. Christianizing China is the best way to destroy the communist government there.

On a related note, has an interesting note I've heard hinted at before: That Reagan planned to militarily intervene if the USSR invaded Poland to crush the trade union Solidarity the way the Soviets did Hungary (1956) and Czechoslovakia (1968).


French Communists Oppose Pope, Support Islam

Commie Frogs are in full liberal indiganation mode over the decision by the French government to lower the flags to half-staff in honor of Pope John Paul II.
The Unsa union said the government was guilty of double standards having ordered schools to take part in the tribute to a religious leader after banning Muslim headscarves in state schools in a drive to keep them firmly secular.
Hey shitheads! You wanna know why there's a double standard for Moslems and for us humans? It's because the Moslem disease infects a nation then subverts its laws to favor the disease. It happens in Europe. It happens in Canada. It happens in Australia. It happens in the USA, thanks to the ACLU. That's al Qaeda's plan. And it's working.

Monday, April 04, 2005


MoH to Paul R. Smith

The President will award the Medal of Honor (posthumous) to SFC Paul R. Smith, USA, for actions at Baghdad Airport, two years ago today. He is one of "the bravest of the brave".


Please File A Lawsuit Against Goldman Sachs

Oil has spiked heavily the last three trading days because...well...Goldman Sachs wanted it to. On March 31, Goldman forecast oil proices as high as $105 a barrel within a few years. Oil spiked.
Goldman Sachs is the biggest trader of energy derivatives, and its Goldman Sachs Commodities Index is a widely-watched barometer of energy and commodities prices.
Oil spiked again today. Why?
U.S. light crude hit a record $57.79 a barrel, surpassing Friday's high of $57.70, which was triggered by a forecast that prices could spike above $100 due to robust global demand and tight spare capacity.
So, the biggest trader of energy derivativess, knowing the weight its forecasts have, just happened to say (scream) "OIL TO HIT ALL-TIME HIGH!!!!!!" Unacceptable. Those New-York financiers knew what they were doing. Any bets that forked-tongued race-traitor Soros is behind this?

I urge everyone here to find a good attorney and consult with them about filing a law-suit against Goldman Sachs for damages incurred by their price fixing. If we get enough of these going we can acheive class-action status and take them down a few notches and recover some of the losses from high gas prices as a result of Goldman's price-fixing.

Also, be sure to contact NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer (who loves to destroy anti-capitalist companies like Goldman Sachs), as well as your own state Attorney General and state and federal representatives.

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