Saturday, April 02, 2005


Pope John Paul II Dies: New York Times Still Hates Him

Check out the early issue story that the New York Lies (errr.. Times) put up. It's over at Powerline. The full NYT story is even more offensive to the great Pope, as all NYT stories are to Christians.

What cheap sleaze, and a slap in the face to 1.2 billion Catholics. I'll bet if Ali-Rafsan Towelhead died, the NYT would feign sorrow for days. Like they did for Yasser Arafruit. Pity.

Thursday, March 31, 2005


George W. Bush: Communist Stooge

Bush has stabbed us in the back again. The left-wing douche has opened our borders, like that Jew-race-traitor Soros wants, and now has hung a US Army officer out to dry for killing America's enemies. And Bushy wants to convict another innocent US Marine for doing his job. You can help his defense here:

It's us together, people. We're the only ones who can save this country. The government won't do it. Everyone in office now needs to be voted out, forced to wear a scarlet "T" for traitor, and replaced with someone who will protect this country from the ACLU, and Islam.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Counter-American Commie Beaner Attacks Minutemen

Communist beaner, and "professor" Armando Navarro at UC Riverside has smeared the Minuetmen founder as a "racist vigilante" and a "terrorist".

E-mail the wetback here and tell him we natives and LEGAL immigrants love America and don't wan't it ruined by people who break the law to get here and continue breaking the law once they are here.

I hope the Minutemen shoot as many of these counter-Americans that show up in the desert as they can.


Pope On Feeding Tube

Michael Schaivo Sues To Remove It


UK May Be Planning Border Guard

The United Kingdom may be planning to develop a "home guard" to guard their ports of entry from terrorists and illegal immigrants.

The UK needs a border guard? Hello?!?! President Bush?! Anyone home? I guess Bush thinks they're "vigilantes" too. I mean they're on a fucking island and they need a border guard. Our invader shares a border with us and the government won't do a damn thing. Except let more invaders in.


North Korea-Iran Axis Starting To Split

The Iranians and North Koreans, such good friends when developing missile systems and nuclear warheads, apparently don't get along on the soccer pitch.

It looks like the starving and the brutality at the hands of their dictatorial government doesn't upset North Koreans that much. But losing at soccer does. Hmm.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Spanish Commie Cowards Supplying Brown Stalin (Chavez)

The cowardly Spanish government elected by a cowardly people will begin selling arms to Hugo Chavez, dictator of Venezuela. Chavez is starting an arms race in South America (with Chinese help) that can only be stopped by destroying Chavez and his butt-buddy Castro.


UN, Red China Team To Steal Internet

Communist China has sent one of its government officials to the UN to take over control of the internet. This has been going on for some time and the MSM (of course) will not cover it.

China's increasing belligerence (oil, $$ to Bin Laden, propping up North Korea) cannot be tolerated much longer and bloggers are the only ones raising hte alarm. What odds will conservative bloggers have stacked against them with the UN controlling the medium of our message?

Monday, March 28, 2005


Mexican Scum Murders More Americans, May Get Away With It

In addition to MS-13 threatening to attack (with Atheist Communist Liar Union, or ACLU, support) our valiant Minutemen volunteers, Mexicans who came to the US and committed murders may be freed by the US "Supreme" Court.

The "Supreme" court recently decided that international faggotry should trump US law and allow teen killers to get off with a slap on the wrist. Will they be any less lenient on defendants who are part of the international faggotry that the black-robed assholes love so much? Especially when the "President" has sided with the Mexican scum against us, HIS OWN PEOPLE?!?

You can read about the idiocy on the border and George W. Bush's selling out of his country to his beaber-butt-lover Vicente Fox at Michelle Malkin's new blog devoted specifically to covering the illegal invasion.

This is BULLSHIT. It will not stand, it will be ended either by the politicians, or by "We the people..." I sure hope it's the latter. We the people end problems like this quickly, bloodily, and unerringly. Bring it on, Mexico! The American Army will end up standing astride your country again, just like it did in 1848. We can do the "reconquista" bit ourselves, you know ;)

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