Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Viva Vigilantes!

I'm going to give out a few tips toborder guards. I don't mean those do-nothings that work for the Federal Government, I mean those that are associated with groups like The Minuteman Project that will really begin guarding the border.

The Atheist Communist Liar Union (ACLU) will be following "vigilantes" around the desert and has joined the Mexican Mafia (again) in threatening the Minutemen. Apparently, the "vigilantes" are interfering with the ACLU's agenda of destroying the USA.

So Minutemen;
  1. Take some blank cartridges to scare Mexican invaders & ACLU goons.
  2. Make sure to collect spent cartridges.
  3. Score the inside of the gun barrel to make bullets untraceable.
  4. Wear gloves when handling ammunition to avoid getting fingerprints on it.
  5. Organize a group to stalk ACLU members at their homes and workplaces.
Now you're ready to take on the invading army and the 5th column.

I hope this turns ugly fast. Blood may be the only thing that gets this nations attention about Mexico's ongoing invasion. If the MSM covers it at all, they will try to create sympathy for the invading army, but we all know that most Americans (even those idiotic enough to vote for Kerry) will support the defending militia. And those that don't will hang.

Monday, March 21, 2005


"Liberal" Bigots Destroy Again

I first heard from Rush that the editor of PlayGirl, Michele Zipp had "outed" herself as a Republican. Well, now her faggot-loving communist asshole co-workers have gotten her fired.
"I wouldn't have hired you if I knew you were a Republican."
Apparently alot of the bone-stroking fanny-lancers who buy PlayGirl wrote in demanding someone more butt-pirate friendly.

I feel for Ms. Zipp, butI love it when hypocritical douchebags expose themselves like this.


Border War: Mexico Planning "Reconquista"

It's a repeat of these events:
The Mexican-American War of 1846-1848, started by Mexico.

The Mexican Government-funded raids of Pancho Villa into the US in the 1910's.

Here's more disgusting news on how the Mexican "reconquista" is shaping up:


Here's how to stop it:



I can understand how Israel decided to extend the security fence out beyond their own borders. In order to gain security from an enemy bent on getting into your territory and causing harm, you need a buffer zone. The US Military should annex a 15 mile-wide strip of Mexico and turn it into a DMZ like the one that keeps Kim-Jong Il at bay.

Sunday, March 20, 2005



That's all I have to say about idiotic beaner Vicente Fox' remarks about the US and our way of dealing with his country's garbage in a way that displeases him.

God Damn this galls me!
[Fox] said Mexico is watching the Minuteman Project carefully and will take action in U.S. courts or international tribunals if any of the activists break the law.
A Mexican President using our souther border to sneak in goods and people and possibly terrorists. And he presumes to threaten to prosecute (persecute?) our compatriots in "international tribunals" if they successfully defend our country!

I've warned on this border war before. Even I couldn't have forseen such idiotic counter-American rantings from Fox or any other Mexican. At this point I favor annexing 15 miles into Mexico to clear out those border towns of their drug and human-smugglers the way Israel has done with its fence. Turn that 15-mile wide strip into a DMZ like that between North and South Korea.

Fox does have good new for us, though! He knows how to save Social(ist) Security:
Fox said he will push for action on a "guest worker" program in the United States. He said that the U.S. population is aging and will need Mexican labor in the future and that turning millions of undocumented Mexicans into legal, taxpaying workers could help keep the Social Security system afloat.

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