Saturday, March 19, 2005


How Dare They Help Those People!

Thousands of worthless communists turned out around the damn world this weekend to support Saddam Hussein and denounce democracy. I thought groups of turds like this were why the flamethrower was invented.
"I think it's outrageous what Blair and Bush think they can get away with," said John Salway, 59.
Shortly before I ripped his mother's anus with my enormous American cock. I guess he meant Bush and Blair can't get away with freeing millions of people from slave regime(s).
"We got the Iraqis into this mess, we need to help them out of it," said Kit MacLean, 29.
Be sure to rape her if you're in London. But beware, she's English. And therefore ugly. Idon't know what the cunt meant by "mess" but I guess she meant democracy. That's the last thing a Londoner would want.

Living under the pinko scumbag mayor "Red Ken" (I'll give
£50,000 to anyone who shoots him in the throat) Londoners can't remember what democracy was like. I mean real democracy, not like when they call Cuba a democracy.

The beautiful part of this is that history will remember George W. Bush as one of the great liberators of all time. It will not remember the people who stood up for Saddam Hussein at all.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


More Pinko Taxes & Class Warfare

Geneva, Switzerland has been stupid enough to sign on to a UN (Useless Nations) inititive to tax "wealthy" nations to support poor nations and help them develop a better communications infrastructure. No wonder the US is decades ahead of these Euro-turds economically.
Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika said the digital divide—the gap between information technology availability in poor countries and rich—aggravated polarization between the wealthy North and developing nations of the South.
Yeah, it'll even the "digital divide" by making us "wealthy" nations as poor as any others! Some plan. And I'm so sure that absolutely none of that wealth tax will go to terrorists or other shady deals if it goes to trustworthy nations like Algeria and Sudan.

Hey UN! Keep your God-damned idiotic Bolshevism to yourself! It's bad enough American tax money props up your snake den, let alone the fact that all you do is scheme new ways to take more of our money.

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