Friday, March 04, 2005


Filthy Race-Traitor Soros Flaunts Law Again

Traitor to America (his home) and the Jews (his race) George Schwarz (George Soros' real name) is brutalizing people and trying to get away with it. Again.

Last month in Saudi Arabia, Soros got up and spoke at a conference where he was introduced by Prince Faisal, a man who has ranted about "zionist conspiracies" ad naseum.

Who's the crazier of the two?

Well France wants Soros for stock fraud charges. A European Jew wanted for insider trading? Ma Non!

And Soros, along with three other Jewish billionaires, has dumped millions into communist causes, including the Democrat party, during secret meetings.

At that Saudi conference, Soros railed on about the US debt, oil prices and currency exchanges. By the way, Soros is a known cause of the recession of 1992 in Great Britain because of his currency speculation. Is Soros behind the dollar's recent devaluation?

Oh, and those charges made by Speaker Hastert about Soros being involved with illegal drug cartels? They're true. No billionaire would go around blithering like an idiot about wanting more and easier access to cocaine and heroin unless he was getting a cut of the profits. I'll even bet that al Quaeda and other terror groups have used Soros' Quantum Fund to launder money.

Zionist Conspiracies? Well far be it from me to agree with the royal family of Satan Arabia. But decent, hard-working, patriotic Jewish Americans need to go Rabin on Soros before the creeping anti-Semitism of Europe is seen as justified here in North America.


John Kerry Loves Commies & Nazis

John Kerry wants to honor a counter-American & commie/nazi that Red China has honored: The original Black Hitler (before Adolf Sharpton) W.E.B. Du Bois.

I can't believe 57 million cockbiters (give or take a few that were illegal immigrants, convicted felons, dead and/or non-existant) voted for this asshole.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Lebanon Protests

I don't know where the whole Lebanon situation will end up. Syria may push its hand too far, urged on by the hard-line Ba'athists that run the country behind Assads back, sparking a broader regional war.

There is one thing that I am sure of: The girl in this now-famous picture is a PHP (pretty hot protestor).


Supreme Court: We Love Teen Killers

By now everyone has to have heard about the US "Supreme" Court ratifying the ability of teenagers to kill people at will and be "punished" with cable TV and three squares a day. Is everyone named "Kennedy" a traitor now? (The answer is YES)

The most revolting part of the "Supreme" Court expressing its disdain for law and order is perhaps the fact that they did it to make the outlanders love us. Fat chance of that happening and even fatter chance of us wanting to sacrifice security at home to make the douchebag foreigners love us. And, as one writer to Laura Ingraham said today, moslem law favors the stoning of slutty women and butt-pirates. Wanna quote that in a court decision?

In furthur aid to your nightmares the "Supreme" Court has decided, as have most other government agencies that you (the AMERICAN citizen),
"cannot be trusted with the delicate task of weighing a defendant's youth along with other mitigating factors."
So, shut up and do what the nice Bolshevik asking for your papers wants you to do.

One (with a brain) cannot but come to the conclusion that the government wants teens to murder. It doesn't matter if it's a 16 year old girl shoving a vacuum tube up her cunt to have a baby sucked out without her parents permission or if it's a 17 year old boy killing people for sport like he saw on GTA. The "Supreme" Court's got your back, teenyboppers.

And now the "Supreme" Court is going to tackle the thorny issue of whether to ban for good the Ten Commandments and burn all the Bibles in America so no one will ever be Christian again. Three guesses how a court that sides with Euro-trash laws will rule on that one.

Oh well. Come the revolution. The citizens are already taking the law into their own hands to protect this country in some places since the government won't. Feel like "justicizing" some murderers let go by the "Supreme" Court?


When You Walk The Walk, You Like, Gotta Talk Too

That piece of sage advice from Butthead to Beavis was apparently missed by Annette Stevens. Stevens is a vocal anti-gun activist who was arrested for having a gun without serial numbers on it in her home.

I saw that story on Sworn Enemy who also has reported that Sen. Robert Byrd, a fucking KKK member, has compared the Republican party to the Nazis. It always gauls me that assholes like that are the ones who throw around faggoty put downs like "hubris" at America itself. I think they're just looking in their own mirrors.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Pinko Commie Butt-Fairies Support Saddam Hussein, Part 3,397,093

[A] group of activists has gotten enough signatures here and in some 50 other Vermont communities to place resolutions about Iraq on the agendas of their Town Meetings, a New England ritual as local as tapped maple trees and as old as the American Revolution.
Pertinent stuff, I know. I'm so sure there's absolutely nothing else that is important to these hippies in their own towns that outweighs supporting America's enemies.

I, you know,.... I just can't fucking believe that these areas are where people, GREAT MEN & WOMEN, like Nathaniel Green, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and the like came from. Now they're havens for America's internal enemies. Maybe the loyalist familes who went to Canada in the 1770's have migrated back.

Monday, February 28, 2005


Death To Hollywood

On the "Oscars" last night Chris Rock said the US was $70 trillion in debt! If all black people are that stupid, it's no wonder they need affirmative action to get jobs.

And what about noted leftists Salma Hayek and Carlos Santana memorializing murderer (who was gunned down by the US Army-HA!) Che Guevara. They avoided using the name"Che". All these stupid communist assholes that love Fidel Castro and Che and leach off my country need to be shot in the stomach and die slowly while trying to hold their guts in.

One year I'm gonna watch the whole Oscar telecast so I get to see it blown up by terrorists. Homegrown terrorists like McVeigh who hate Hollywood because they're counter-American, or foreign terrorists like Bin Laden who hate Hollywood because its so satanic.

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