Friday, February 25, 2005


Pacifist Scum Quakers & Their Aid to the Moslem Enemy

A Quaker douche was on The Factor with Bill O'Reilly bragging about how he helped a coward escape from the Army. This asshole traitor, Charles Fager, was questioned about how he (Fagle) would defend the US. Fagle responded by saying "Our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified and his followers are still around today; the empire that crucified him is not".

Well, brava (sic) you panzy-ass Fager. You spun it perfectly. You left out the basic fact that, if it were not for a battle, there may be no Christianity at all. That's right if you knew as much about history as you do about hating the country that protects you, you'd know that Roman emperor Constantine switched the Empire to Christianity because he believed Jesus helped the Romans prevail in a battle. HELLO! Some pacifist!

I won't point out to Fager that the swords of the Visigoths determined that Christianity would go back underground for several hundred years, and very well could have ended it, just as the moslems could now. But Mr. Fager would prefer to help the moslems rather than America. He is a traitor and deserves to be hung.

You can contact Fager and her pussy friends and fellow traitors here. Its a hum-dinger of a site, replete with glorious stories of how the Quakers helped extend slavery in the south, and how they put effort into helping Hitler, Imperial Japan, and Stalin. This a real swell group of "people," these Quakers. The bottom of the page says;
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

No it doesn't! An eye for an eye leaves the whole world with one eye. Gandhi was a diaper-wearing idiot .
Now a national Quaker group is touring the country to drum up support for moslem enemies like Bin Laden and undermine the US government, its people, and Western Civilization.

The Quakers deserve to be killed by us and then burn in hell. To accept police and military protection while looking down on the people who protect you is more than just smug and self-serving. It is wrong. In a war for survival, the side that allows internal dissent will die and deservedly so. It is either us or the Pacifist/Islammunist alliance.

Which side do I pick? I think Jeremy Hinzman should have his baby killed in Canada, Hinzman himself should be kidnapped and brought back to the USA, stand trial, and be hung by the neck 'till he be DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!


The Tangled Iranian Web

MSNBC has a (too) short article with some details of European firms, some with Pentagon contracts trying to sell military hardware to Iran.


Yeah, These People Deserve Marriage

Super-HIV man had sex with 100-NY Daily News
The New York man who sparked fears of a powerful new strain of HIV had drug-fueled, unprotected sex with more than 100 men in the months before his diagnosis, a top researcher said yesterday.
The victim, who's in his mid-40s, participated in wild orgies fueled by crystal meth before becoming sick,...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Miracle On Ice

Yesterday, February 22nd, was the 25th anniversary of the "Miracle On Ice," the capture of the gold medal at the 1980 winter Olympics by the US men's hockey team.

ESPN recently named the silver-medal game against the USSR its top sports headline of the last 25 years. It may be the biggest sports story of all time. It certainly could only be compared to the Louis-Schmelling fights and Jesse Owen's performance at the 1936 Olypmics in Berlin for importance. And that's on a global, not just American, scale. All those performances shoved American sumpremacy right into the face of demented dictators. The US team went on to win the 1980 gold in a somewhat anti-climactic game against Finland

ESPN Classic ran the USA/USSR game and a few hours of commentary. It really is stirring, even on tape.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


I Just Thought This Was Weird

I'd seen the TV ads for this "Because of Winn-Dixie" movie and, orginally, thought is was some silly conceptual, ad for the grocer Winn-Dixie, which used to be around where I live.

I don't know where the hell the name "Winn-Dixie" comes from but the grocery named after it filed for bakruptcy.


Bottom 10

World Net Daily has a round-up of 2004's 10 most important stories that you're least likely to hear about from the pinko MSM.


The Slow Death of Europe

The CIA says the EU will collapse in 15 years.

The moslems have restarted, successfully, their attempts at Moor-izing Europe.

Mark Steyn has the following to say on the tenuous links that our (correct) American society has with the (incorrect) European one:
America and Europe both face security threats. But the difference is America's are external, and require hard choices in tough neighbourhoods around the world, while the EU's are internal and, as they see it, unlikely to be lessened by the sight of European soldiers joining the Great Satan in liberating, say, Syria. That's not exactly going to help keep the lid on the noisier Continental mosques.
The reality is that Europe's very specific troubles-economic, demographic, political-derive from Europe, not America. And, if the member states of the EU are determined to enshrine constitutionally and Continent-wide the "rights" that have proved so disastrous for them as individual nations, there's not a lot America can do about it except stand well clear.


George Washington's Birthday

I'll bet most American's didn't know that today, February 22, is George Washington's birthday. Or that February 12 was Lincoln's Birthday.

But EVERYONE knows when quasi-commie Martin Luther King, Jr.'s (not his real name) birthday was.

Is something wrong with that?


Just Two Good Old Boys...

I was dreading the new "The Dukes of Hazzard" movie as much as loony libs hated the orginal series; the Confederate (Rebel) flag.

If you're a Libby, you had to hate the series because the Dodge Charger called "The General Lee" had the Confederate flag prominently painted on its roof. I hated the thought that the prevailing loony libs in Hollywood would censor the flag in this go-round, just to be PC (Pussy-Communist). But, by looking at these pics from an MTV (Moron Television) feature about the production, it appears to be there loud and proud. For what that's worth.

I also like how MTV sent their rap-douche Sway, (what an idiotic name, perfect for MTV and the crack-brained teeenyboppers that think MTV is important) to cover the production of a redneck movie with a slavemonger-mobile as the real star of the show. HA!

Monday, February 21, 2005



A force of brave Americans is taking up arms to defend our nation from an invading army. That force is called the Minutemen, and the US government is bound and determined to stop them, rather than the invaders, and preserve the flow of criminals and terrorists across our southern border.
Intent on securing the vulnerable Arizona border from illegal immigrant crossings, U.S. officials are bracing for what they call a potential new threat this spring: the Minutemen.
Oh, sure! The government sees the US citizen as the threat. Not the river of scum pouring in untracked. With attitudes like that I can't imagine how Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Oklahoma City bombings took place.

And all Americans have every reason to want to defend the border. Millions of people slide through unnoticed every year. Are they all criminals? No. Are some? Out of 12 million+? What do you think?

There have been drug and immigrant smuggling rings on the US-Mexican border for decades. Pancho Villa redux, now they're teaming up with terror groups and professional Latin-American soldiers to put anti-American forces into our country. enforcement officials consider the former Army members a growing threat to U.S. cities.
If that doesn't qualify for the use of the word "invasion," I don't know what does.

Couple that with Vicente Fox' recent trip to Algeria.
The official visit is part of a larger foreign relations strategy by the Mexican government to improve commercial and diplomatic ties with Arabic nations, which Fox said "had been forgotten" by past governments.
What business does Mexico have with North Africa? Well, it's a great jumping off point for Al-qaeda and other groups to get to South and Central America and make there way north toward their most hated enemy's undefended border. Can we afford to take the chance that they didn't discuss emmigration of potential Arab terrorists to Latin America? Considering that the US government doesn't give a damn, I don't think we can take that chance.

Viva La Minutmen!


Why Does Ellis Henican Want To Kill Americans?

And how long will it be before all liberals like him are killed off by actual Americans tired of them leaching off of us? Should we kill them slowly or just gas and burn them?

Here's a list of French companies to boycott because of their (and Ellis Henican's) support of Hezbollah:

* Air France
* Baccarat
* Bic
* Bollinger
* Cartier
* Clarins
* Dannon
* Dom Perignon
* Evian
* Hennessey
* Grey Goose Vodka
* Mephisto
* Moet
* Peugeot
* Renault
* Veuve Clicquot
* Seagrams/Wild Turkey/Pernod-Ricard
* Yves Rocher


Apes & Titties

Two fired caretakers for Koko, the world-famous sign-language-speaking gorilla, have sued their former bosses, claiming they were pressured to expose their breasts as a way of bonding with the 300-pound simian.
Honestly, isn't that whole "My monkey used sign language to tell me to tell you to take off your top" bit the oldest trick in the book?
Alperin and Keller were hired last year and were among 16 employees of the foundation, which was founded in 1976 to promote the preservation and study of gorillas. It is best known for Koko, who has mastered a vocabulary of more than 1,000 signs; the foundation says she has advanced further in language than any other non-human.
further in language than any other non-human?!? Who was her other non-human competition in language studies? That dog that sounds like it's saying "I love you" at the beginning of The Beastie Boys "Sure Shot" video?
In addition to the alleged harassment, the two former workers claimed the Woodside facility had unsanitary and unsafe conditions, including rodents in the food preparation area and gorilla urine stored in the refrigerator where workers kept their lunches.
Why do I get the feeling this wasn't the freakiest thing going on in Sodom Francisco at that particular time?

And don't get too wrapped around the axle with the monkey/ape thing:

Willenholly: "Sorry. Don't shoot. Hold your fire."
Sheriff: "Who the hell are you?"
Willenholly: "Federal Wildlife Marshal. Is the monkey in there?"
Sheriff: "The ape."
Willenholly: "What?"
Sheriff: "Orangutan's a member of the great ape family. It's not a monkey."
Willenholly: "Look, who's the Federal Wildlife Marshal here? Me or you?"

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Broadband-Bolshevik Style

Is Carol Ellison näive or just stupid? She seems to favor stealing your tax money to build something most of you already have. I'd have to say: stupid.

You see, some cities across the country are breaking into the telecom business. Or just plain breaking the telecom business. The cities think that they are going to provide wireless Internet access to millions of people at little or no cost. Of course the “little cost” will be for the people whose tax money built the system. The “no cost” will be for the poor people who didn’t build the system and can’t afford a computer anyway. No reason to let an experiment in free enterprise get in the way of some good ol’ class warfare.

The cities say these Internet systems will attract business and create jobs. Yeah, that’s why people have fled urban areas in droves. It had nothing to do with all the crack (which you can now buy while surfing the ‘net). Be serious about the ‘jobs’ claim, people. If you work for one of the telecom companies, your tax money is being used to put you out of a job. Then you'll be dependent on a socialist government program. Which is exactly what the city-level pinkos want.

Of course, the cities trot out the hearts & minds campaign to make mushy-minded middle-class white people feel guilty and support the project:
[Denise Stoner]...a recently homeless mother who has a learning disabled son and a deaf daughter, both of whom have heart problems, Stoner has a refurbished desktop computer with broadband wireless service provided by the People's Emergency Center.

But her aging computer is slow and often hampered by viruses, which she depends on the center's technicians to eradicate. And while her 9-year-old son has improved his reading and spelling skills by using the Internet, he spends most of his time online playing games.
Don’t libraries and, oh, gee, I don’t know, SCHOOLS in Philly teach kids how to read? If not, then Philadelphia doesn’t have the money to screw around with Wireless Internet schemes.
Still, Stoner has found both information and comfort from the Internet. She has learned sign language online to converse with her 2-year-old daughter...
Would the Red Cross of Philadelphia refuse to teach her and her daughter sign language?

It infuriates me when Marxists suggest plans that glorify themselves and use stories like this to build support. What infuriates me more is that anyone with a brain could both see right through it AND come up with a better solution.

These city administrators must incredibly flexible, in the physical sense. They seem to have their heads simultaneously in the clouds, and up their own asses if they think that they can support these systems for just $1.5 million a year. And what about customer service? Just imagine the union goons who “fix” potholes or the sweet, understanding people who work at the DMV answering your calls about troubleshooting an IEEE 802.11b connection. Forget about e-mail, you’ll be back to ink and paper letters in no time.

There’s another point the morons in these Bolshevik city-states don’t want to talk about. Progress. I don’t mean the lies of people who call themselves “Progressive”. I mean actual capitalist progress. What happens when the (real) telecom companies build four WiMax towers, hardly requiring any maintenance, just outside the city limits and allow access by citizens for as little as $10 a month?
"This is a growing trend, but an ominous and disturbing one," said Adam Thierer, director of telecommunications studies at the libertarian Cato Institute and the author of a soon-to-be-released study criticizing the Philadelphia plan. "The last thing I'd want to see is broadband turned into a lazy public utility."
Free enterprise competition will bankrupt the the entire municipal system. The government beaurocrats who wanted the Romanesque glory of a boondoggling public works project (possibly named after them) on their résumé and instead got shame will also get their fat-cat government pensions. And the taxpayers will get the shaft.

Don’t get me wrong. If you live in Buttbump, Texas or Yeehaww, Idaho and no one will provide Internet access, then the municipality and its citizens should get together and come up with a solution to rectify that, possible even subsidizing the building of an Internet infrastructure. But even then, WiFi may not be the best solution. But it sure is glamorous. And that’s what counts to the governcrats.

There's something that bureaucrats just don’t seem to get about projects like this: The Robert C. Byrd Highway system in West Virginia wasn't paid for by Robert C. Byrd. Byrd didn’t work on it. Didn’t pay for it. Maybe he’s never even seen it. But everyone from Hawaii should see it. They’re great roads. Paid for with your tax money from 5,500 miles away. For a state with hardly more people. Seem fair? You’ll soon be able to ask the citizens of Philadelphia how they feel about the pork project ringing their very own city. At least won’t have to take a plane ride to see their tax money being flushed. Convenient.

One last point: Notice that “blue states” are the only ones doing this. Those states' attacks on free enterprise continue. And people (especially businesspeople) continue to flee from them like passengers from the Lusitania.

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