Friday, January 28, 2005


War On Democracy: The Liberal-Sunni Similarities

One would be remiss not to mention Sunday's Iraqi elections, Zar-cowards "war on democracy", and the blatant mixing of tactics used by the Sunni terrorists in Iraq and those used by leftists here in the USA.

The Democrats are going to be loathe to admit that the election has any legitimacy. So what if a single Sunni doesn't vote? That still gives the potential for an 80% turnout in the whole country. Even if 60% of the whole country of Iraq shows up to vote, that's almost as many as we had.

And you know God damn good and well that that cunt Katie Couric will be too busy talking about teenage blowjobs to do anything more than take a few potshots at President Bush. Most of the media's going to be the same. They practically wet their pants with excitement when the Sunni terrorists strike.

The anti-election left is out in force around the world. They've been on notice since the American elections of 2002, however, that they're losing. With the exception of their victory over the Spanish cowards. The leftists, liberals, democrats, whatever they may call themselves have been exposed for what they are: fellow totalitarians to Bin Laden and the mullahs.

From tire slashings of GOP vehicles (by Kerry campaign staffers) in Wisconcin to the vote fraud of Washington's gubernatorial race (and many, many others), to the European and American communists' cheering of the Mohammedanist mutts (let's combine them into one group, the islammunists) we have to conclude that they are out for one thing; war with each other. That's right, they want to destroy each other. There aren't two groups that could hate each other more than homosexual-loving atheists and racist, religious fanatics. But they must first destroy the great bulk of the world's people who just want to be left alone and live their own damn lives.

That's where the islammunist alliance comes from. And they've been pretty good at hiding it. Until now. We're onto you. And Marx and Allah together won't save you from us.


Sodom Francisco, Rounds 2 & 3

The assholes who run San Fagcisco (into the ground) are determined to do even more damage. They've decided to try and ban handguns, because they think guns kill people. They're right. Guns do kill people. Bad people. And it's the right of every law-abiding San Franciscan to have one.

I have to say that I hope this idiotic law passes. I'll send the snottiest of correspondences to the fairy-loving lawbreaker mayor gruesome Newsome when someone gets murdered (by a gun owned by a criminal who decided NOT to partake in the ban) pointing out how worthless the trampling of real, actual civil rights was. There's no way that type of law would Constitutionally last very long anyway.

But, in the spirit of fruits everywhere, telling people what to do isn't enough for the pinkos that command San Francisco, they also have to steal their subjects money.

Gruesome Newsom and his lackey (and probable butt-buddy) Ross Mirkarimi have proposed assailing the citizens with a 17-cent tax on each grocery bag their groceries were packed in at the store. The beef is over plastic bags, but the tax will apply to all bags (to be fair!?!?)

Gee, I'm sure that no single citizen (especially low-income people) of Sodom Francisco will start to shop outside the city now. But that's probably what the racist liberals that dominate that city really wanted all along.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Who's The Cock Here?


Lawmaker wants tiny boxing gloves on roosters

OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) -- An Oklahoma senator hopes to revive cockfighting in the state by putting tiny boxing gloves on the roosters instead of razors.

The Oklahoma legislature outlawed the blood sport in 2002 because of its cruelty to the roosters, which are slashed and pecked to death while human spectators bet on the outcome.

But State Sen. Frank Shurden, a Democrat from Henryetta and a long-time defender of cockfighting, said the ban had wiped out a $100-million business.
Who says all Moonbats are anti-business?
To try to revive it, he has proposed that roosters wear little boxing gloves attached to their spurs, as well as lightweight, chicken-sized vests configured with electronic sensors to record hits and help keep score. The State Senate will consider Shurden's proposal next month.
Great way to spur economic growth; chicken-tronics. It'll be huge!
"It's like the fencing that you see on the Olympics, you know, where they have little balls on the ends of the swords and the fencers wear vests," said Shurden. "That's the same application that would be applied to the roosters."

Janet Halliburton, president of the Oklahoma Coalition Against Cockfighting, which led the drive for the 2002 law, said Shurden is really seeking to loosen the ban.
Maybe Shurden's just obsessed with cocks?
"What this is going to do is make a platform for him to continually try to amend the existing ban," Halliburton told The Oklahoman newspaper.
Since this opponent is named Halliburton, and Shurden's a commu-crat, the Senator already has a rallying point for other pinkos.

Gee, you know, I can't understand why the Democrats are losing power. If only there were some clue as to why people don't respect them anymore. Oh, well. I guess it's a mystery for the ages.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


The 129

I can see it now. A USA Network miniseries about a group of convicted felons. They're kidnapped by Democrats and their identities used to comitt vote fraud in Washington state. When they're returned, they have no idea where they've been or why. We'll call it..."The 129".

I've been harping on this story since the election and now there's another twist. At least 129 felons who weren't supposed to vote at all in the election did so anyway. For those of you keeping score, the last "recount" went to the Democrat by 129 votes. While Republicans won't say it, I will: ALL 129 Felons voted for that lying bitch Gregoire.

Another in a salacious line of frauds and crimes by the Democrat party.


More "Liberal" Racism

In addition to the rich, lilly-white, scumbag Demonrats in Congress holding up nominations of an Hispanic male and an African-American female to cabinet positions (then calling the President who appointed them "racist"), we now have physical evidence of leftist racism on tape.

A Kennedy. From Rhode Island. Assaulting a black woman. This is a Kennedy. A real, live US Representative. Not just Bill Maher hitting a black woman.

Can you say "preponderance of evidence" involving the American left and discrimination against non-whites?

Be sure to check out "Taking On The Kennedys".


More Hot Air About Global Warming

Another group of liars, speaking through a leftist rag, have tried to convince us that global warmning is real, that it is man-made, and that we should cripple our economies to "deal" with the "problem".

I guess they'll have to tell that to the people in Boston. They'll probably welcome it after receiving about two feet of snow this weekend.

I've pointed out before the fallacy of the phalic-heads who promote global-warming. I am sick and tired of their lies. I almost wish the "catastrophe" they keep promoting was real. Those pussies would be the first to die and we could get some peace and quiet.

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