Saturday, January 22, 2005


Help Save A Baby

Our baby Jordan was born at 4:48 p.m. on Tuesday, January 18, 2005. He was 7 pounds 12 ounces and 19 inches long. We spent 18 incredible hours with him - he was alert, Sadaf was breastfeeding him every two hours, and there was no indication that anything was wrong. Then a nurse at the hospital noticed his breathing pattern was distressed. He was taken in for examination by the hospital pediatrician. Shortly thereafter our perfect world came crashing down.

We found out that Jordan had a very large and very rare tumor inside his heart. The tumor measured 3.5cm in a heart the size of a walnut. He was immediately transfered to Columbia Presbyterian Children's Hospital in New York City, which is considered the best in the country. They performed open-heart surgery on Friday, January 21st. Unfortunately, they were not able to remove the entire tumor, and portions of it are interfereing with his heart's ability to pump blood effectively to sustain his tiny body. At this point a transplant is the only option to help save him.

* A donor heart can come from a baby up to 15 pounds and across all blood types.

* There is a 4-7 hour window to get the heart from the donor to the recipient - so there is a limited geographical area in which to search.

We're asking people to get this message out - our hope is that we can convince someone to donate their baby's organs who normally wouldn't. There is already a very small chance of finding him a donor - we are just trying to increase his chance as much as possible.

We can be contacted at

Please keep our baby boy in your thoughts and prayers!

Love, Jeff & Sadaf

Friday, January 21, 2005


How's My Bloggin' ?

Dial 1-888-EAT-SHIT if you think any single blogger has to be beholden to the MSM's attempt to leash us with their "guidelines".


Socialist Health Care Collapse in UK

To hell with providing quick, safe, inexpensive patient care! We've got a bureaucracy to pay.

My sighting of this article was featured yesterday on :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Nuke Mecca? No!

Nuking Mecca during their Satanic pilgrimage will not hurt anyone. Sure we'll win the war Islam has started against us, but we won't hurt anyone.

We have to drop the bombs around Mecca. That way the people can burn to death relatively slowly. Hopefully they'll hear their skin crackle and feel it burst into flame before they die. Plus anyone who tries to relieve Mecca will die of radiation poisoning.


Internal Enemies

America is rife with internal enemies that a stronger generation would have hunted down and murdered in cold blood-Government sanction or no.

From the group of towel-headed animals that murdered a family of Arab Christians to the squads of enemy soldiers that prowl California while "The Governator" does nothing, a new day is dawning. It is a day when the people of America rise up and kill their enemies, as our European fellow fighters have, with or without police help.

Our politicians can profit from this, or be destroyed themselves. It's up to them.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Spruce Douche

Airbus' enormous future failure, the A380, was unveiled today in a giant victory for "Old Europe." In case you couldn't tell, that was sarcastic. Considering Airbus has trouble making regular-sized aircraft, this monster should be fun to watch tumbling out of the sky.

The A380 came in under weight, but as I just pointed out, when you make the wings out of papier mache, it'll weigh substantially less than aluminum and steel. And Europe's taxpayers still had to pick up an additional $2 Billion for the program. Come now, you didn't expect European companies to survive in an actual capitalist environment did you?.

Boeing's 7E7 isn't selling well now and the A380 is. But when airlines fold every ten minutes, hubs get more crowded, and flights are constantly delayed, which airliner will rule the future? Remember, Airbus, the jets didn't sell well initially, either.


Bomb Iran

I always thought that the Beach Boys were singing "Bomb Iran" instead of "Barbara Ann."

Well, you can sing "Bomb Iran" as our B-52's do so.


Proof: Foreigners Are Queer

They must be, since they love "Alexander The Fabulous" so much.

These are the people whose opinions we're concerned over?

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