Saturday, January 15, 2005


Europe (Still) Likes Hitler

Europe wasn't conquered by Hitler. Most of Europe must have joined Hitler judging by recent events.

Like Princess Harriet dressing in a Nazi uniform and claiming he misunderstood something somewhere about the Nazis and other leftists killing some 200,000,000 people in the last century.

Or the Italian soccer star giving the Hitler salute on European-wide television.

Or the French "hard-liners' (insert giggle over French nationalism here) who claim the Nazis were good to France after France "surrendered" (read: joined) the Nazis.

That is one sick continent that is going straight to hell. Fast. We won't even get started on the organized anti-semitism or burning of mosques (after they apologised for Islam after 9-11 and 3-11) that goes on in Europe.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Make Up Your "Minds"

The Useless Nations (UN) has been agit-propping for decades that the Israelis were stealing from the "Palestinians" and doing absolutely nothing to help them.

Well, behold, the UN has created a registry for "Palestinians" to claim economic damages from the Israeli security fence. Which is it? Either the Israelis are either killing the "Palestinians" and economically raping them, or the Israelis are providing jobs and health care to the monkeys. It can't be both as athe UN would have us believe!

If the Pinko UN/Islamist coloboration succeeds, and they wipe out the Israelis, I suppose all the "Palestinians" would starve to death without the Jews to support them. And with the Jews dead, the other towelheads wouldn't be sending their "charity" anymore, since it was only intended buy bombs to kill Jews. There'd be no way for the "Palestinians" to live. Ha!

Just as an aside anytime the UN is mentioned: Death to the ape Annan!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Amber Frey Is A Whore

I can't believe that this Amber Frey bitch is getting all the attention that she is. She's been on every major "news" network and been handed softball questions. Not one of those programming-whores (let alone Oprah or other daytimers) has asked Amber one single tough question.

It's up to Lara Spencer on one of those awful "entertainment" shows to actually get Amber to stop an interview since someone started insinuating stuff, like, you know, she only dates married men, has an illegitimate child, Laci Peterson was killed on her behalf and Frey will now make millions on the tell-all book, Frey only came forward to protect herself, not avenge Laci. Little things.

Also Amber Frey took some nude photos which are on the internet now.

Monday, January 10, 2005



I jumped with excitement when I heard that Israel had accidentally killed a UN "peacekeeper" (read: spy) on its northern border. I, well, I admit it: I ejaculated when I heard that the spy had been French.

Oh, come one! Don't we all slip every now and then and kill a frog or two?


Wow! Radical Moslems & I Agree

"Throats must be slit and skulls must be shattered. This is the path to victory."

I couldn't have said it better myself. Except that Saudi cleric 'Aed Al-Qarni was talking about the Jews (of which not one lives in "Saudi" Arabia making it hard to blame the shitty life of the average "Saudi" on Israel) whereas I am talking about the towelheads who say stuff like this about us. By "us" I mean every single human being on the planet who isn't a muslim and doesn't agree 100% with the mullahs.

There's recently been an obvious and long-overdue streak of cynicism about the media's kid-glove treatment of Islam. Last night's episode of Boston Legal featured a case involving the Sudan in which Candice Bergen's character openly stated "Arab militias are killing black Africans." You won't hear that from the big three MSM. Nor anyone saying, as James Spader did, "...everyone can respect the sanctity of someone's religion; that is unless you're a muslim."

Even better was MadTV where, as Michael McDonald put it, they know "...there's a difference between muslims and terrorists. But nobody knows what that difference is." Mad TV has increasingly become a common-sense counterweight to the leftist drivel comming out of SNL's writers meetings.

Thank you Mad!


Fuck The BBC

The BBC (British Bolshevik Cocksuckers) have gone out of their way in reporting on tsunami relief to NOT mention that the US and Australian militaries are doing all the work in getting supplies from ports (of varying kinds) to the stricken people who need them.

I saw this story on, but have noticed it myself. The BBC "news" that is run on PBS at 11:00 PM here showed an American SH-60 Seahawk landing and (apparently only ignorant American choppers do this) blowing stuff around with its rotorwash. Small debris, leaves , and some plastic tarps were slightly blown around. Of course the crooked-toothed reporter remarked between his tea and his crumpets: "American helicoptors meant to bring aid only bring chaos."

And other little things like food, water, medicine, hope, a good dose of reality, etc. That limey jerko journo needs a good kick in his crumpets.

This gets to the heart of what it is journalists do now: scavenge like buzzards. They're all over Indonesia shoving microphones and cameras into devastated people's faces and demanding a good soundbite while not performing one good God-damn task. Then they knock off about four in the afternoon, go back to the hotels that are still standing, freshen up, put on a new Perry Ellis shirt, relax by the beach with a drink, and tear a rotator cuff patting themselves on the back. Where's a tsunami when you need one?


Washington Governor's Race, Round 13

The people of Washington state recognize that Demonbat vote-harlot Christine Gregoire stole the election for governor. So Republican cadidate, I mean GOVERNOR, Dino Rossi has finally decided to contest the result.



I am sick and God-damn tired of all these stupid pussies wasting their money by donating it to UNICEF on behalf of tsunami victims. Leonardo DiCaprio, NBA players, even some local businesses where I live are all donating to UNICEF, thus ensuring those meetings the UN staffers have to decide what to say in their press releases (rather than doing anything like the Americans and Australians) will be well catered.


The UN is the same group of assholes that was supposed to send aid to the children of Iraq. All that happened was that America's enemies (in Iraq, and at the UN) got better limos to ride around in while planning America's demise.

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