Friday, January 07, 2005


New Mental Disease?

I'm not talking about liberalism. That's a well-known mental disease. I'm not talking about PEST (Post Election Selection Trauma). This is a newly diagnosed disease: BULLSHIT


Senator Barbara "Baghdad" Boxer is apparently suffering from it. I'll forgive LGF's missed diagnosis.


Leftist Double Standards On Iraq

Mussolini "made the trains run on time" his apologists said. Well, whoever thought up that gem must have sired todays crop of Kool-Aid people who constantly make excuses for Saddam Hussein.

As hard as it is to believe, some "liberals" will admit that Saddam was a bad guy (while others think the Baghdad Butcher was the greatest thing since sliced bread). But when prodded, those same "liberals" will criticize president Bush for invading a country whose "trains ran on time" but happened to be run by a bad man. In the next sentence the "liberal" will criticize Bush again, this time for trying to secure America against its internal enemies in a fashion (in the "liberal's" mind) reminiscent of Hussein. In other words, insinuating that the Iraqi people should have been content with brutal law and order at the expense of freedom while the American people deserve the exact opposite.

Another example is in the "liberal" attitude toward the "insurgency", which is how morons refer to monsters. The "liberal" will point out that a single roadside or car bomb is proof of a growing almighty revolution against the Americans and Allawi, while a 10-day sweep of a major city that results in it being liberated from a terrorist grip is proof that America is incapable of winning.

Sheer idiocy. But, such is the life of the "liberal".


More Poll Crap

AP Poll: Americans Ambivalent About Bush

American Electorate: We Must Love George W. Bush Since More Than 60 Million Of Us Voted For Him

Which headline would matter more, again? Obviously it's the former if you're one of the self-appointed gatekeepers masquerading as a reporter.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


"I think we ought to nuke North Korea right now..."

Wow! Just when you thought Ann Coulter couldn't get more volatile or as hateful to America's enemies as I am she comes out with this:

"Well, {Bill Clinton} was a very good rapist. I think that should not be forgotten. I don’t think it’s fading.

"Clinton talk[ed] on the phone with Congressmen about sending American troops to the Balkans while being serviced by Monica Lewinsky under the desk. And liberals didn’t mind that — but they’re upset that George Bush waited 48 hours to fly back from Crawford, Tex." to make any announcements about tsunami relief.

To be fair, I should add that I pointed out The Washington Times' article on how BJ Clinton was preparing to nuke North Korea like Ann and I want.


Tsunamis From Allah!!!

The crazy goat-fuckers and their leftist allies are far off the charts this time. They are claiming that the tsunami of 12/26 was punishment from Allah to the Christians.

The fact that hardly any Christians live in the affected areas (actually many more moslems do) is totally irrelevant to them, much like the rest of reality. In fact the earthquake took place closer to the area where Moslem agents from around the world met to plan the S11 attacks than to any Christian enclave. So whose God sent the earthquake as punishment to whom?


People's Republic of America?

Not content with stifling free speech (or interpreting free to mean "no cost to me") the liars who call themselves liberal have demoted the United States of America to the People's Republic of America economically as well as socially.

Estonia (and 9 other countries) was ranked by the Heritage Foundation as having more economic opportunities to develop free from government interference than the US. Wow.

But we shouldn't be surprised. Poor & Stupid has been sounding the alarm that Bush was caving into leftist economic interest for some time now.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Zarqawi Captured?

Sporadic press reports indicate that "Terrorist #1" in Iraq, Abu Musab al Zarqawi has been captured.

This may be real, but the world got burned by all those reports that Zawahiri had been captured over the last few years.

Monday, January 03, 2005


Towelheads, Dopeheads

When is the MSM going to get around to pointing out that Islam and North Korea are funding their desperate struggle to survive by killing millions worldwide with heroin and other drugs? Or that these drug groups and criminal gangs (of which Islam is one) are gravitating toward each other?

They CAN be destroyed in time if my people have the will! Do we?


Hollah, Girl

In what is an astonishingly overdue recognition by the MSM that rappers and black athletes make all African-Americans look like fools so that they and their white/jewish owners can get rich(er), Essence magazine is launching a campaign.

The campaign is to make everyone, everywhere understand the social and financial hijacking of "black" "culture" by Ray Lewis, Ludacris, and MTV is about to end.

Now if we could just explain to young kids that MTV "news" is neither news nor from music television.


Peter Jewis, Errr Lewis Strikes Again

I pointed out in mid-October that a secret meeting took place in Colorado in which several Jews met to stab their own race in the back.

Peter Lewis, founder of "Progressive" Insurance (again, its called that because they progressively raise your rates), and present at that conspiratorial meeting, has teamed with auto manufacturers to spy on your cars data. Is your phone far behind?


More on Washington Gubernatorial Theft

Well last week I said that Christine Gregoire was not the governor of Washington. Guess who agrees with me? The state of Washington. Hmmmm.

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