Monday, December 05, 2005


No Shit Sherlock! It's Because of You Idiots!

The treasonous ass-covering morons from the 9-11 Commission said that America isn't adequately prepared to prevent another terror attack.

That's interesting since the 9-11 Commission was acomplete lying fraud from the get-go. How dare those cockmongers tell this country what needs to be done after they pulled one of history's great snowjobs. The Able Danger truth is coming out. We KNOW that Able Danger identified the 9-11 hijack ringleaders. We KNOW the 9-11 Commission covered up Able Danger's findings. We KNOW Able Danger tried to prevent the USS Cole bombing and the Clinton DoD ignored the warnings.

Oh, and in case the ball-licking politicos from the 9-11 Commission were wondering, the FBI said last week that no major al Qaeda ability was seen in the US, despite the Democrat's best efforts to aid our enemies.

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