Thursday, December 01, 2005


More Democrap Defeatism

Commucrat Congressman John 'Coward' ( yeah, I said it) Murtha continues his crapping on the USA. Yesterday he expanded his attacks directly to the US Army, calling it "broken".

This must come as a shock to the soldiers who belong to the Army and are fighting hard in Iraq.
Of course, none of that matters to a democrap with a counter-American agenda. Like John Kerry for instance.

Yesterday, loser Kerry backed Murtha's defeatism and took it one step further, calling the US military ITSELF the God Damn problem.

Kerry also demanded a surrender date and added "withdrawing troops will lead to success".

Read this quote of Kerry's: is essential to acknowledge that the insurgency will not be defeated unless our troop levels are drawn down...
What the fuck does that mean?!?! No general ever said "Let's win this battle by refusing to fight." Look surrender is what Jesus did in the face of the Romans. What ever happened to him? I didn't see The Passion. The messiah and the Romans ended up as best buds right?

If John Kerry or John Murtha were in charge, we'd all get crucified. If we let those two asshats or any leftists like them take charge, we'll deserve every nail we get pounded into us.

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