Monday, December 12, 2005


Global Warming Racket Report

The fairy bastards who believe in global warming wrapped up their sad little conference in Montreal yesterday.

Boohoo, they couldn't stick the US with the multi-trillion-dollar bill that the Kyoto handcuffs would cost us, and is costing them.

I wonder if they took note at all of this study stating that (GASP!) the SUN could be responsible for any warming trends?

Or if they noted that the global warming theory is based on lies and faulty science?

Or if they brought up their idiotic concept of blocking out the sun with a "space-ring" funded by tax dollars?

Did they suggest "coercive" enforcement of greenhouse gas emission targets against countries that don't sign the Kyoto Treaty?

Oh, did they mention their success in convincing some power companies (and possibly fuel companies) to raise your rates so they can make a little extra bank off of your ingorance of the global warming racket?

You can also go to Penn & Teller's BULLSHIT! site to read about the crap and lies that global warming and environmentalism are based on.

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