Thursday, November 03, 2005


UN Action Against Syria-Hardly

In a further slide into irrelevance, the Useless Nations has refused to sanction Syria for killing former Lebanese Premier Rafik Hariri, taking in Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons, or aiding the terrorist guerilla war in Iraq.
To win unanimous support, France, Britain, and the US, who jointly sponsored the resolution, had to drop all references to sanctions other than a warning that the council "could consider further action"
Security Council member Russia (who sells $ billions in weapons to Syria and helped move Saddam's WMD to Syria - yeah, they've got no agenda here), it is said;
...wants to prevent the Security Council from becoming a weapon to punish regimes that could lead to unforeseen action such as military action.
Well, then what's the point of the Security Council? With no threats of any kind against bad guys, the bad guys have free reign.

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