Thursday, November 03, 2005


A Tale of Two Protests

Iranian expatriates gathered in Berkley to urge action be taken to prevent the genocidal maniacs who currently run Iran from equipping themselves with the nuclear bomb and missiles that can deliver it to Europe. The protest was very small and peaceful in its opposition to a regime that would destroy the world given a chance.


At an anarchist's ball in Sodom Francisco violent counter-American scum continue to wage war against this country. There were thousands of hate-filled assholes and some of them attacked policemen. The rest certainly applauded. Is it any wonder that shit like this occurs in blue states? This would never go down in Texas or Kentucky.

I thought groups of usless idiots like these were why the gatling gun and flamethrower were invented.

Michelle Malkin is unafraid to name names and show pictures of leftist lunatics.

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