Thursday, November 03, 2005


More Black Racism Against Conservatives

In an on-going bigotry of black "leaders" against conservatives of any color, top Democrats, both white and black, have endorsed a policy of Jim Crow type political attacks on any black American who does not enslave themselves to the Democrat party, 1859-style.

What do we expect from a party led by a racist liberal like Howard Dean who thinks that non-whites are only fit to work in kitchens? Or thinks that the Democrat party needs to appeal to people who fly the Confederate flag--which, by the way, was the flag of the Democrat party from 1861 until its defeat in 1865?

How in the flying fuck can so many minorities continue to support a party that treats them like pets and keeps them on a pet's leash? It's dispicable.

On the Democrats who think they are entitled to sling Klan-like epithets at blacks who disagree with them, former NAACP chairman Kwase Mfume had this to say:
"Racially tinged attacks have no place in this campaign for U.S. Senate," said Mr. Mfume, who has chided his party's lack of support for his campaign. "If they did, I could very well be the object of public racial humiliation, based on my skin color, by people who don't like my politics."

"Black bigotry can be just as cruel and evil as white bigotry. There are too many bigots in too many places,"
Most of all, the Democrat party.

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