Friday, November 04, 2005


Leftists, Oil-For-Food, Islamic terror, and the USA

There are alot of these left-wing groups that consider themselves so patting-themselves-on-the-back smugly proud of themselves for their liberal policy of "divesting" in the "military-industrial complex" and Israel.

Will they make sure that they don't own stock in any of the 2,200 companies caught bribing or being bribed by Saddam Hussein through the OFF program? Will they publicly censure the Useless Nations for allowing such corruption to allow a murdering dictator to continue in power and continue his WMD program and sponsorship of terrorism?

Ask them yourselves:

Anti-American idiots at the American Friends Service Committee.

Leftist ghouls at the National Council of Churches

Anti-Semites at the United Church of Christ (In case they didn't know, Christ was a jew).

Lefty freaks at "Pax" World.

While you're there asking if they'll "divest" from OFF companies, ask these so-called pacifists how much work they've done bringing attetnion to the grisly moslem crimes such as:
  1. The assassination of RFK, Sr. by the PLO.
  2. Beheadings of schoolgirls in Indonesia.
  3. Beheadings in Thailand.
  4. Two rounds of Bali bombings.
  5. Crucifixions and genocide in Sudan.
  6. Iranian nuclear and missile acquisition efforts.
  7. Terror-bombings in India, a country that had nothing to do with Iraq.
What's that? They only criticize the USA? Or do they stick to the whacko-liberal mantra the WE are the ones who caused all those terrorist acts?

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