Monday, November 14, 2005


"Environmentalists" Support Terror

From FontPage comes an article about the leftist deceit about drilling in ANWR. The article plows through the usual leftist canards.

But the first sentence is the one I found most intriguing and it is not followed up on:
American petro-dollars continue flowing to terrorist-sponsoring oil producing states and American soldiers fight in what leftists call a “war for oil” in Iraq.
It's obvious to me that the leftists don't want to cut off that source of oil revenue to the terrorists. Counter-American socialists WANT moslem terrorist to continue with a steady stream of money to continue a steady stream of bombings of western civilization.

The removal of Saddam Hussein and the potential drilling in ANWR and the Appalachains, and for shale oil in the Rockies, and for nuclear energy, etc. threaten the socialists real agenda by undercutting the oil states that fund terror.

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