Friday, October 28, 2005


Valerie Plame is a Lying Cunt Who Helped Endanger America

Listen to the crap in this article about the indictment of Scooter Libby.
a politically charged case that will throw a spotlight on
President Bush's push to war.
Bullshit. One has nothing to do with the other. Joe Wilson got his hack wife (who had a very easy job and was never, even now, in any danger) to send Wilson (an admitted drug user) globetrotting under CIA auspices.
Bush ordered U.S. troops to war in March 2003, saying Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction program posed a grave and immediate threat to the United States. No such weapons were found. The U.S. military death toll climbed past 2,000 this week.
Nice shot about the 2,000 dead you liberals celebrate.

Iraq was, and the entire Mid East is, awash in WMD (or nuclear weapons) and the countries freely share them with one another. Don't forget (or ignore as the media did) the Duelfer Report saying that Iraq's WMD had ample time to go to Syria. Don't forget the military officials watching shipments from Iraq to Syria for months before the toppling of Saddam's regime.

People of the USA inherently place more trust in those of the military who do so much to defend America and inherently mistrust the lying sacks of shit of the media. If only there were some way to get the truth out to the public. Hell, even Fox News is too leftist to do that.

But back to Libby, etc.

Libby made his first inquiries about Wilson's travel to Niger in late May 2003 — a trip the government sent him on in early 2002 to check on reports that Saddam was trying to buy uranium — and by June 11 Libby was informed by a CIA official that Wilson's wife worked for the agency and might have sent Wilson on the trip.

On June 12, 2003, the indictment alleges, Libby heard directly from Cheney that Plame worked for the spy agency.

"Libby was advised by the vice president of the United States that Wilson's wife worked at the CIA in the counterproliferation division. Libby understood that the vice president had learned this information from the CIA," Fitzgerald said in a news release.

If Libby's being indicted for lying to investigators, what about the CIA officials who gave Plames ID to him? And what about the fact that an "undercover" CIA "Agent" might have said to herself, "National security is on the line here. What the fuck, I'll just send my hubby."? Doesn't that bother anyone?

Maybe the war and the investigation are related, after all. Too bad for libs the facts support people like me.

Just for a quick comparo, Take a look at the various crimes of BJ CLinton when he was in the Oval Office.
  1. WTC 1
  2. Waco
  3. TWA 800
  4. OKC bombing
  5. Khobar Towers
  6. China bribes (and more)
  7. China weapons
  8. USS Cole
  9. Persecution of political opponents with the IRS-Imagine of Democraps get into the White House again and begin to use the Patriot Act against us.
Any bets as to the leftist assholes at NBC, CNN, etc. covering those stories?

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