Friday, October 14, 2005


More Pro-Moslem Hollywood Propoganda

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is behind a new movie called "The War Within." You can get the low-down on how low-down this movie is on Front Page.

"The War Within" is pro-moslem garbage along the lines of "Flight Plan" and Steven Spielberg's idiotic "Munich" which promises to be "sensitive to all sides" including the side that slit the throats of innocent athletes.

Why is it liberals think attacking innocent people you don't like is okay, but attacking bombers, jihadis, and head-loppers is wrong? If that's the case, then liberals have made a case for people to attack them. And since liberals claim to be pacifist and peace-loving, then they wouldn't stand a chance.

Why is it a group of idiots would be so in favor of teaching evolution in schools when evolution in action would obviously result wip out any group of people who not only won't defend themselves, but actually defend their own attackers?

Would Mark Cuban make a film that is sympathetic to anti-Hispanic lynch mobs who kill illegal immigrants? Ask him here.

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