Thursday, October 27, 2005


Leftist Ghouls Celebrate Dead Americans

Via Little Green Footballs, here are some images of anti-American leftists "deeply mourning" the passing of 2,000 Americans in Iraq.

Three things:

  1. There were 148 US casualties fighting Saddamn Hussein in 1991.
  2. None of the so called anti-war crowd gives a damn about soldiers killed in Afghanistan.
  3. To the anti-American anti-warriors, numbers like 783, or 929, or 1,763 don't matter. Only even numbers that can be celebrated and easily spewed from their forked tongues.
But we should expect this by now from the PACIFASCISTS.

I think about the fact that the pacifascists don't care about casualties in Afghanistan. I think it's because they are willing to go along with anything the UN endorses even though they hate American military strength. Which raises the question of how the pacifascists can abide the UN's ingorance of pisslam's crimes in South Asia, Africa, and India.

If George Bush owes them explanations on Iraq, the pacifascists owe us one on the UN's (or "world community" or wat the fuck ever) failure in Darfur.

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