Tuesday, October 11, 2005


How Will The US Public React To This Trend?

A short (HA!) list of the crimes against humanity by moslems since 9-11-2001.

There have been a rash of attempted bombings on college campuses by, well... guess who? And the MSM, of course, refuses to cover it.
  1. UCLA
  2. Georgia Tech
  3. Oklahoma
Now, if this keeps up, and who are we kidding, these scumbags never get tired of attacking other people, eventually one bomb will get through and kill some human beings (as opposed to moslems).

What will the reaction be ofthe American people then? Will they pussy-out and ask "Why do they hate us?" as we so stupidly did as a society on 9-12? Or will they get it together and tell the US Government: "Round these scumbags up and deport or intern them (and the liberals who protect them) or we'll take the law into our own hands to protect ourselves"?

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