Wednesday, October 26, 2005


The Destructiveness of "Liberal" "Morality"

The founder of the criminal gang Crips is scheduled to be executed next month unless Arnold Schwarzenegger makes the mistake of granting clemency.

Of course the loony lib reactionairies are out in force with their debilitatingly stupid version of "morality" that tells them to put masses of energy into idolizing killers and monsters and absolutely refuse to help the victims of said monsters' violence.

Just look at this fucking headline at Yahoo "news":

US judge sets December date to execute Nobel Peace Prize nominee

No mention of his 7 murders.

Just look at some of these idiot's quotes upporting this evil son of a bitch.
"The Stanley Williams case is about a man who has done what I think is the most important thing a man can do in this country, and that is reach out to the youth of this country with books, with tapes ...," Williams lawyer, Peter Fleming, said outside the courtroom.
Reach out to youth with books...? Give me a fucking break. The Crips are responsible for thousands of murders, rapes, robberies, injuries (psychological and physical) and the gang's founder is a role model?

Outside the courthouse, demonstrators held up signs proclaiming "Executions Teach Vengeance and Violence", "Abolish the Death Penalty" and "Stop the Execution of Stanley Tookie Williams -- Keeping Him Alive Saves Lives."

A number of Williams' supporters chanted, "Let Tookie live!"

Why are these scumbags not helping the families of the 7+ people murdered by Williams?

Williams, who presented an alibi for his whereabouts at the time of the killings, argued in his appeal that Los Angeles County prosecutors had engaged in racial discrimination by seeking to keep black people off his trial jury.
Here we go again. Black criminals by and large commit their crimes against other people in their own community. And white liberals always seem to love to support those criminals and try to free them, furthering a cycle of violence in the black community much more than the death penalty's supposed teaching of "vengeance and violence" does. Or is that what the white liberals really want?

If I was a black person on a jury in which the defendant was running around killing people in my community, I'd try him and fry him. Because I knew I could be next. But white liberals don't live in those neighborhoods. They can afford to be as "tolerant" as they want. And if the criminal they aided and abetted kills a person of color again, ehh..that's the breaks.

I won't even get into the fact that this civilization probably deserves to be destroyed if it nominates actual murderers for the Nobel "Peace" Prize rather than hundreds of millions of innocent, hard working, law abiding people who every day try to make the world a better place.

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