Friday, September 02, 2005


Racism, Lies, & Looting in New Orleans

The typical black bigots at the N-double-A-crap have already gotten their smug faces on TV (rather than helping victims-how typical of the left) to accuse the entire nation, basically, of racism because so many of the people left in New Orleans are black. No mention that 67%+ of the city is black. Leftist anti-Americans never let facts get in the way of a good diatribe.

If everyone is so racist, who is doing all the looting? I don't mean taking food and water for survival, I mean who is stupid enough to steal a TV and X-Box when there isn't a fucking electrical outlet that works for 100 miles? The answer: some punk who listened to Ludacris rather than his science teacher. Oh, and in a city that is 67% black, what is the chance that those stores being ransacked are owned by whites?

The truth is that black politicians have led a populist attack on society for 35 years and this is what they've created. Anarchy. Gold Teeth. Hair Braids. Grand Theft Auto. Decent, law-abiding black people long ago left city centers to get away from those types of thugs that were created by populist race-traitors like Ray Nagin in New Orleans and Kwame Kilpatrick in Detroit. They've destroyed their own people to gain favor with their white masters at the DNC.

If someone sees white skin and thinks white robes, then that person is the real racist. Who is killing and raping all those black refugees? It's other black thugs mixing in with the refugees. It's the same red herring you get about blacks dominating the prison system: They're there because they hurt other blacks in their own community. Letting them out would just damage black society even more. But that's what the white liberals want, isn't it?

And what in the God-damn-hell does racism have to do with people shooting at rescue helicopters? "That be a racist heel-o-copter. I be shootin' me down a racist heel-o-copter."

On the BBC last night a clip was shown of people outside the Superdome who were mostly black chanting something which prompted the reporter to say: "It is a scene more reminiscent of Africa than America." ?! Imagin an American reporter saying something like that.

Neal Boortz news site has an excellent round-up on the situation and it really does go back to the failures of a welfare state and the havoc it plays when statism runs your life and then abandons you: Of course there'll be anarchy. A poignant lesson for Americans on why Iraq is in such dire straits.

The media is apologizing for these animals to make them look like victims and to attack American society in general and President Bush in particular.

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