Friday, September 30, 2005


My Name Is Earle

Arrogance & impotence. Those are the only two things the Commucrats have to their name. And the pussy-ass Republicans won't stand up for themselves.

Tom DeLay's persecuter, socialist scumbag Ronnie Earl, solicited bribes to drop indictments. And all the while Earle was having a crew film him doing his dirty work. Worse yet, Earle's tried this shit before and lost. So what's he trying to prove? Who's the criminal here? This asshole needs to be put down. Permanently.

Meanwhile, Democrat scandals continue to mount. First (up)Chuck Schumer, who tried to cover up the murder of 80+ people at Waco in 1993, solicited political donations in the name of Hurricane Katrina. Then Schumer sent his underlings to steal the credit report of the Maryland Lt. Governor. FYI that's an illegal act.

Now Harry Reid has been connected to a political bribe-o-rama that has gone south in Las Vegas. Two ministers solicited Reid to arrange federal grants for a little pet project. The ministers then stole the money. Gee, I wonder if Reid got any donations from those two in the form of kickbacks. Hmmmmm. Looks like "Dingy Harry" rolled the dice and lost on this one.

Too bad you'll never hear any of this from the "mainstream" media or even Fox News for that matter. And you sure as hell won't hear it from a bunch of cowed Republicans.

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