Wednesday, September 14, 2005


More Reasons To Shoot "Judges" & "Lawmakers"

A Sodom Francisco based "judge" has decided that the Pledge Of Allegiance is "unconstitutional." No doubt he believes that a three-way two men and a dog "marriage" IS Constitutional, though.

And Faggachussetts politicians have rejected a proposed amendment that would ban gay "marriage". This story actuall makes me want to vote for this DEMOCRAT!
"The union of two women and two men can never consummate a marriage. It's physically impossible," said state Rep. Phil Travis, a Democrat. "The other 49 states are right and we are wrong."
The world must be ending! Why don't Republicans have the guts to say that sort of thing? We know: It's because they'll be labeled "homophobes" and "racists" and they're deathly afraid of gasbags who say those things.

How these two arrogant bodies (and CaliPornia's legislature) can so openly side against the wishes of their own people, whom they claim to represent yet in gigantic majorities detest gay "marriage" and revere the Pledge, is beyond me.

What are we to do but take up arms?

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