Friday, September 23, 2005


Dirty Democrats-Led by Schumer

The DSCC (Democrat Senatorial Campaing Committee) and (Up)Chuck Schumer used Hurricane Katrina to raise money.

Now Schumer has sent his staffers to steal the credit history of the Maryland GOP Lt. Governor.

But none of this is as bad as Schumer covering up the murders of the Branch Davidians by the FBI and ATF in order to save face for the Clinton administration.

Is there any depth to which this scumbag Schumer won't sink while staring disdainfully over his glasses at any who oppose him?

I call for Schumer's assassination. Now.

And where on the news has this been where! Now if throgh investigation there is a discovery that Schummer and Clinton chraged drinks at the same strip club Stern goes to in NYC - that would make the news!
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