Friday, September 02, 2005


Calling Sirhan Sirhan, Jr.

RFK, jr. I'm sure you've all heard has blamed the US for Hurricane Katrina. He's partially right. By refusing to murder off liberal hate-mongers like him, we've created a welfare anti-capitalist state that is much less capable of dealing with anything, let alone disasters. BTW, I notice RFK, Jr. has failed to send his own private helicopter (no doubt extremely environmentally friendly) to aid the victims.

Meanwhile, the world's largest producer of V-12 engines has also blamed the US for the "global warming" that supposedly pumped-up Katrina.

Here's Patrick Michaels explaining why it's bullshit to blame global warming for hurricanes, especially in the Atlantic Ocean. There is also video.

Even The New York Times (ever more conservative-does capitalism actually affect them too?) has gotten into the act and stated that hurricanes are the results of cycles in water temperature, not constant, man-made global warming.

Even more anti-lunatic medicine (grounded in ACTUAL science) is to be found here. Here's a refutation of the Kyoto Protocol being able to help stop hurricanes, as if anyone with a brain was stupid enough to believe that anyway. Hot Air America cunt-in-residence Randi Rhodes has accused President Bush of killing poor people on purpose.

Here is a short tround-up of the left-wing Anti-American, anti-human hatred toward the USA and Hurricane Katrina victims. Their mask is off. Let's kill these people off soon before they kill us all.

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