Sunday, September 04, 2005


Black Bigots Unashamed to Blame Whitey for Katrina

Black Supremacist Kookoo West on Friday said "George Bush doesn't care about black people" and accused the National Guard of genicide against black Americans while attempting to raise money from ALL Americans. Check out the Hell-A Slimes idiotic apology for his hijacking a relief effort to expunge on his racist views of America, the country that made him rich. What did he think it would do? Raise more money? What percentage of his own bank account did that turd donate?

If Kojo West was so concerned with supposed black poverty perhaps he should have been attending to that need rather than throwing lavish parties where people get shot last Saturday night.

One guest on The O'Reilly Factor suggested that people were taking TV's to barter for food with!

Why didn't the Mayor of New Orleans, (a black man) send his city's school buses to fetch all those immobile people (who weren't too immobile to loot stores owned by other blacks) and get them out of the city? Why didn't the Louisiana Governor (a Democrat) prepare adequately for a disaster (A. to save her own skin) and why is the media ignoring the facts and blaming the Federal Government (A. they're anti-American bigots).
"The evacuation plan was really based on people driving out," said Craig E. Colten, a geologist at Louisiana State University and an expert on the city's vulnerable topography. "They didn't have buses. They didn't have trains."
That's a lie, professor. We know they had a way out, the local officials just refused to give it too them. Did the officials sacrifice thousands of blacks to the Gods of the Democrat Party to make it look like President Bush did it? Well....?

And why won't the media tell it like it is-New Orelan's corrupt, cronyistic, poverty & race-pimping government is hugely responsible for the disaster of people relying on government services for every single thing in their lives? Why does the media cover it all up and blame white America?
One question that could not be answered last week was whether, put to a similar test, other cities would fracture along the same lines.
Well 50 million plus people across northeastern and central USA, and southern Canada didn't. The only conclusion can be that they were just plain taught to be better behaved than people in New Orleans.

The recurrent theme is that anything a black person does is OK, no matter how ignorant, yet if you're Indian, Asian, Hispanic, or, God help you-White, you're screwed. So why should anyone try to placate black Americans, let alone help them? Seriously, I'd like to know what anyone's thoughts are. Because in twenty years blacks will account for less than ten percent of the population and white, hispanic, and asian politicians and voters will vie with and for each other, and blacks will still be poor, mostly through their own fault (hey, if a guy can arrive penniless from India and have two gas stations a year later, you've got no excuse for 6 years of welfare checks and a baby every 10 months), and they'll have absolutely NO POLITICAL VOICE AT ALL! What kind of politician would care for a population (especially a shrinking one-thanks to liberal abortion mongers) that will always blame them for anything that goes wrong, and never give credit where it's due, let alone get off their asses and do something for themselves?

Another thing: If all brown people are poor and all white people are rich racists, where's all the relief money coming from? The black Klansmen like KKKanye West have no answer.

Lest Anyone think I'm anti-black just look at how I toor apart Cindy Sheehan for associating with known racists. The point is NO ONE CAN CLAIM RACIAL SUPERIORITY or go around scapegoating other races for their problems no matter what color you are.

Expect to hear more demands for "reparations" in the coming days. I urge anyone who makes the mistake of donating to relief efforts to write "REPARATIONS" in the memo field of their check.

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