Saturday, August 13, 2005


Oil Prices

The mongrel moslems are really turning the screws on us. With the aid of their scumbag usury experts at Goldman Sachs of course.

We know the Saudis are funding terror in Iraq and providing most of the terrorists that go there. And the terrorists favorite target (other than innocent bystanders) is the oil infrastructure of Iraq. Without the oil revenue, Iraq sinks, oil prices stay high, and democracy in the middle east is destroyed.

These are all things that OPEC wants to see happen. That's why an anti-American, pro-high-oil-prices cabal of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Venezuela, and China is active around the world, killing and undermining all who stand against their plots. Saudi money financed the recent London bombings. Only destroying these governments will reduce oil prices and give stability in the middle east a chance.

You can sum it up with these bumperstickers.

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