Tuesday, August 23, 2005


More 9-11/Iraq Cover-Up Questions

The Able Danger story is cracking wide the hell open. Another military officer has come forward to say they identified Mohammed Atta before 9/11. This is The New York Times, people! When the MSM is failing to tow the pro-Clinton line, their side is in deep shit.

And Congressional hearings may not be far behind. Now we can ask question that will help us get to the bottom of what really happened during the years 1993-2003.

Such as:

  1. Why did the Clinton Administration feel the need to burn 8- Christians to death right after moslems bombed the World Trade Center?
  2. Did Jamie Gorelick's infamous wall prevent the halting of the Oklahoma City bombing?
  3. How deep did Terry Nichol's, Tim McVeigh's and American neo-Nazi ties with moslem terrorists go?
  4. Why did Bill Clinton fail to murder Osama Bin Laden in 1996 when he left Sudan?
  5. Was what happened to TWA 800 terrorist linked?
  6. Did Oil-For-Food destroy a strategy that was starving Saddam Hussein's Army to death?
  7. How much money did Oil-For-Food funnel to Saddam Hussein and on to terror organizations?
  8. Was Iraq training terrorist on its own soil throughout the 1990's?
  9. Did Mohammed Atta meet with Iraqi agents in Prague before 9/11?
  10. If Iraq and al-Qaeda had nothing to do with each other, why did Zarqawi go to Baghdad in late 2002?
  11. How did Russia get Saddam's WMD to Syria without the MSM picking up on it?
  12. Why was a partisan hack like Jamie Gorelick on the 9/11 Commission to begin with?
  13. Is China funding terrorism?
  14. How complicit is the MSM in stopping these stories, and why?

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