Thursday, August 11, 2005


Mick Jagger: Beatles Envy

The Rolling Stones have decided to join other dipshitty liberals in attacking the forces of freedom on their new album.

I case you were wanting to voice your opinion, perhaps you could begin by letting Ameriquest Mortgage (who sponsors the album's tour) know what you think of The Roling Stones making asses of themselves.

Let's face it; Mick Jagger should wrap those big, puffy lips around George Bush's throbbing hard cock. The same goes for other liberal-fascist "artists" who make money bashing the US and freedom. I mean if it weren't for this little huffy fit that the Stones are throwing now (just to get media attention) who would even know that they've had an album out in the last 25 years?

I cna just see the concert now:

Jagger: Here's our newest song!

Fans: Shut the fuck up and play Satisfaction!!!

Sounds like a serious 40-year-old case of Beatles Envy to me.

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